одежда с ремнем

A fashionable belt trick will turn an old outfit into a trendy look for summer 2020

Properly selected accessories not only complement the image. They are also able to give the same outfit a new, special style. One of these important attributes is a belt. And if earlier it had only classical types, now there are much more varieties: with spikes, rhinestones, mirror and others.

clothes with a belt

Classic long blouse

The hit of summer 2020 will be elongated tunics and classic cut shirts. If such elements are present in the wardrobe, but are pretty tired, then you can dilute them with the help of belts. A good combination would be:

  • wide straps. This option will emphasize the waist and give the outfit a special charm;
  • belts with small pockets. Suitable for slender girls;
  • belt to match outfits. A discreet accessory will create a harmonious look for different events.

belted blouse

Note! Curvy ladies should avoid thin belts. Size mismatch will look ridiculous.


The latest fashion trends have recommended elongated sheath dresses. In the summer of 2020, bright, catchy belts of various models will help to dilute them. Do not worry that the image will become too pretentious. So that fears do not become a reality, it is advisable to avoid massive bracelets and earrings. Peplum belts are also suitable for classic dresses.

Dresses with a belt

Thin belts are suitable for airy, light tunics. This kind of accessory will add even more tenderness and sophistication to the outfit. The color of the product can be identical to the tunic or act as the main element and be bright.


A favorite piece of most girls wardrobe is so unique that it goes with different belts. But the main trend of this season is an elongated belt. Such an accessory is suitable for both a strict and sporty look. A belt made of thin fabrics will look no less attractive. It will also fit well as a couple to the outfit of a tender and fragile girl.

Jeans with a belt

Note! The color of the belt is not selected to match the shoes. This rule has not been in effect for a long time.

The selection of the belt is carried out depending on the chosen style. For example, a strict, business style suggests restrained tones. In this case, accessories cannot act as the main element of the image, but they are quite capable of emphasizing it. Other styles allow small parts to be included as the main part of the bow. Thus, any item from the wardrobe can be presented as new and special with the help of accessories.

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