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A fashionable scarf is an essential element of a stylish bow in the summer of 2020

Every woman wants to look stylish and bright. But it is not always possible to update the wardrobe. An ordinary silk scarf, which has become one of the most fashionable accessories in the summer of 2020, will help transform a familiar outfit. But to look truly fashionable, you need to know how to properly tie a scarf.

fashion scarf

Options for using a fashion accessory

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories. Even the traditional way of wearing a scarf on the head or neck can be transformed in such a way that the image becomes much more effective.

In addition, you can decorate a bag with a scarf, tie it instead of a belt, and even replace bracelets with it.

On the head

You can wear a scarf on your head in many ways. It all depends on what kind of image is to be created: sporty, romantic or casual.

Retro style

A classic kerchief tied under the chin looks very feminine. You can wear it with loose hair, slightly shifting to the crown, leaving your forehead open. Combined with stylish cat-eye glasses and a matching bag, you get a bright bow that attracts attention.

As an alternative, you can wear a wide-brimmed hat over a silk scarf, creating an elegant and sophisticated outfit.

retro scarf

Oriental motives

Turbans are not in trend this season. But you can create an image of an oriental princess with a scarf. The scarf is folded in such a way that a wide rim is obtained. Having crossed the ends of the scarf, they tie it in a knot over the strip in front or behind.

Large earrings and oversized sunglasses complete the look. Such a duet will draw attention to the face, so the makeup must be perfect.

scarf in oriental style

Sport style

One of the attractive ways to wear a scarf is in the form of a bandana, when they cover the forehead to the very eyebrows and tie the ends in a knot at the back.

In combination with jeans, a T-shirt or a crop top and moccasins, you get a pirate look. This option of wearing a scarf is suitable both for the beach and for walking with friends.

sports scarf

in hair

With the help of a bright scarf, you can transform the most uncomplicated hairstyle. There are several ways to use a scarf in your hair:

  1. A plait from a scarf is tied around the hair, making a ponytail hairstyle. To prevent the tail from falling apart, the hair is pre-fixed with an elastic band. The loose ends of the product create a light, romantic look.
  2. Having folded the scarf several times, wrap a bunch of hair around it. For a walk, the bun can be made higher; when creating a business style, it is more appropriate to place the bundle lower.
  3. A long scarf is woven into a braid, creating an unusual three-dimensional weaving.

Stylists advise using a bright accessory to create a Malvinka hairstyle by tying a scarf with a bow. This accessory fits the boho style, looks good in combination with jeans. With such a romantic hairstyle, you can safely go on a date.

bun with a scarf

hairstyle with a scarf

bun with scarf

On the neck

It would seem that there is nothing special about a scarf tied around the neck. But this can be done in such a way that the image becomes more original and vivid.

In addition, with the help of a scarf around the neck, you can correct some shortcomings. Stylists recommend girls with a short neck not to tie a scarf too tightly. A free-hanging accessory, combined with a V-neckline, visually stretches the neck. And the knot slightly shifted to the side makes the look more elegant.

There are some more unusual uses for scarves:

  1. Having rolled the accessory into a narrow ribbon, tie it around the neck. A simple, loose-fitting T-shirt or a solid-colored men’s-style shirt with the top buttons undone and a few chains with pendants will complete the look.
  2. Having rolled up a triangle, tie a scarf in a cowboy way. Large trendy earrings complete the look. One short large chain with a pendant will look especially stylish.
  3. Tie in the same way as the previous option, but place the knot over the triangle, wrapping the ends around the neck. This option looks good with plastic earrings to match the scarf. For those who prefer a more restrained style, you can use metal earrings made in the form of gold or silver chains.
  4. Throw the accessory over the neck, passing both ends under the belt, making one of them longer.

One of the fashion trends of this summer season is bows. But it is not necessary to specifically purchase a thing with a similar decor. It is enough just to throw a scarf tied with a bow over the blouse.

scarf around the neck

scarf around the neck

On waist and hips

A scarf tied instead of a belt will allow you to focus on the waist, giving the image a zest. Looks good in combination with plain things.

The accessory can be inserted into trousers or a skirt, tied over a dress. But at the same time, the dress must be free, otherwise unwanted folds will form.

The scarf thrown over the belt and shifted to the side looks original.

For girls with narrow hips, stylists recommend tying a scarf around the hips, leaving the long ends hanging down on the side. This will give volume to the hips and divert attention from the wide line of the shoulder.

If there is no need for such an effect, the knot is shifted to the center, hiding the ends behind the base, or a smaller accessory is taken.

scarf on the belt

scarf on the hips


In the summer of 2020, a light scarf thrown over one shoulder is considered fashionable. To prevent the accessory from falling off, it is tucked under the belt. Moreover, it can be folded into a narrow long strip or left loose to the elbow.

You can fix the scarf on the shoulder with a beautiful brooch, leaving the ends fluttering in the wind. This will create a trendy asymmetrical look this season.

shoulder scarf

Scarf top

On vacation, a large scarf can replace the top. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Attaching the accessory to the chest, tie two ends on the neck, two – on the back of the back.
  2. Fold the scarf in such a way that you get a wide scarf. Throw over the neck, cross the ends in the chest area, bring back and tie at the waist.
  3. Having folded the scarf in the form of a scarf or a triangle, wrap it around the upper body, tie it in front with a knot or a bow.
  4. Tie the two upper ends on one shoulder, leaving the second shoulder open, and tie the two lower ends at the back.

This will create a non-standard bow that gives sexuality. Such an unusual top can be worn with shorts, jeans, a light flared skirt. In an original outfit, you can go to the beach, for a walk or to a summer party.

scarf top

scarf top

With a bag

One of the fashion trends in the summer of 2020 is a bag decorated with a scarf. It is enough just to tie a scarf at the base of the handle into a knot, a bow, or secure it with a brooch. The ends of the accessory fluttering in the wind will give the image lightness and romance.

Another original way is to wrap a handkerchief with a handkerchief. This is especially true if the handle of the bag is a little…

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