A tart and elegant woody scent: 7 sandalwood fragrances for women

Spirits with oriental notes of sandalwood, tart and elegant, attract self-confident girls with a bold and decisive character. The bright chords of sandalwood perfume are a bit similar to men’s fragrances with the brutality of musk and pine needles. But at the same time, they are charming with feminine scents, fruit and berry combinations.

She Wood

Bosses, managers and just leaders will definitely appreciate this perfume. The initial notes of jasmine and lemon smoothly turn into an unobtrusive aroma of violet, sandalwood and cedar, opening up with a base accord of amber. Stylish, bold and at the same time sensual, Wood can be used not only for the occasion, but also for every day.

Molecules 04

The woody-citrus performance of these perfumes, combined with rose and osmanthus, opens up new facets of woody fragrances. Whirlwinds of coniferous, floral and powdery motifs build bridges from the past to the future. Buying such a perfume can be a way to declare your uniqueness.


The product from Hermes has been produced since 2004 and belongs to the group of woody fragrances. Base notes are spices, violet, moss, citrus and cedar. Immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere. They give a festive mood on gray days. They don’t tire. Suitable for every day. The aroma is delicate, insinuating, harmonious and holistic.

CH Garden Party

The Carolina Herrera company produced a women’s perfume with the juiciness of fruits, flowers and tart-sounding sandalwood. Impulsive, non-standard, romantic, silky and rich garden party chords will suit both young people and ladies of Balzac age. They have good staying power and a light, unobtrusive sillage.


In the line of woody-floral perfumery products, they appeared recently – since 2015. But the perfume has already managed to strengthen its position among the best in its category. Refined, noble, warm aroma of myrrh, iris, incense and cedar any woman will appreciate. Its clear top and base notes sound like a melody.


The scent of this masterpiece envelops the skin and blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Oriental, spicy and self-sufficient, it will adorn any style and image. Base notes are coriander, jasmine, patchouli, amber and geranium.

Sycomore, Chanel

One of the Chanel products with almost a century of history. Saturated woody-chypre tones resonate with coniferous notes.

The aroma is bright, juicy, complex. Reminiscent of a warm beach, pine forest and sea wave at the same time. Suitable for stylish, elegant, independent women. Contains heart notes of sandalwood, spices, juniper & violet.

Each fragrance is unique in its own way and is able to emphasize the femininity, charm and character of its owner. Noble perfume creations will collect a lot of compliments for a woman. The point is small – to find your favorite in the world of perfumes.

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