A turtleneck sweater or a turtleneck under a “male” jacket: a stylish look for spring 2021

In spring, the temperature outside rises, and down jackets and coats are replaced by something lighter. An ideal solution for cool weather would be a combination of a turtleneck sweater or a turtleneck with a men’s jacket – if both things are made of dense material, it will not be cold, and the jacket can be removed if necessary.

General principles for compiling a kit

To make such an image look relevant, it is important to imagine what materials and styles of each of its elements should be chosen:

  • the sweater is suitable for both coarse knitted wool and less thick material;
  • turtleneck – an option for warmer weather or indoors;
  • the jacket should not be tight-fitting and repeating the curves of the figure. According to the cut, the jacket is relevant as from a man’s shoulder – straight, with broad shoulders, let’s say oversize;
  • when choosing a jacket, the possible thickness of the layer under it is taken into account so that there is no feeling that the jacket is small and tight.

Business style looks

The first option is a combination of a turtleneck sweater and a suit. It can be both trouser and with a skirt. It is better to choose a straight cut of trousers; banana trousers and palazzo trousers will also be a win-win option. The combination of all elements of the same color or close shades will lead to the creation of a monochrome image. Complement the business-style set with boots, high-heeled shoes and suitable accessories.

A turtleneck sweater can be replaced with a sweater dress for a more feminine result. However, if a business meeting or a trip to the office is planned, the dress should not be too short. If there is a goal to create an emphasis on the waist, you can choose a wide belt or belt.

The third combination – a sweater plus a jacket and leather trousers – is another look for a business lunch and office, while leather trousers are now at the peak of relevance. You can choose a monochrome version, or you can focus on the jacket, picking it up in a different color. Similarly to the previous set, the belt will emphasize the waist.

If you want bright details in the image, you should choose a sweater in an accent color. This is not always a flashy or acid shade, it is enough to move away from the pastel range and the color of the costume itself.

In addition to the color accent, the print of the thing itself will help to create a “zest”. In an office style, a cage will do just fine.

For the most daring, the set can be assembled using both a color and an accent using a print, but still remain within the dress code. The remaining elements in this case are selected neutral in color and texture, so as not to overload the image.

Smart casual sets

This style involves combining the office style with elements of everyday clothing, such as jeans or sneakers. To make a pantsuit more informal, it is enough to choose other shoes, for example, large lace-up boots such as grinders, martens. They will give the image audacity and add zest.

The same move will work with a set of dresses and jackets.

If you want a comfortable option, universal white sneakers or sneakers will do. This image still looks office, but it will be more convenient to move around the city throughout the day.

Another option that has become a classic in smart casual is a jacket with jeans. If all elements, with the exception of jeans, are chosen in a strict office style, then the overall look will be more businesslike. If the everyday “bottom” is supported by sports shoes and a backpack, the kit looks informal. It is important to use such details, taking into account what impression you want to make with your appearance.

As part of this style, as in the case of a business style, you can place accents with the help of several things. The same look with a plaid jacket, but complemented by sports shoes, looks casual and relaxed.

You can also use vintage jackets that have an accent texture. These include models made of velveteen, velvet, wool or leather.

If you choose a sweater and a jacket of exactly the same shade, the set is suitable not only for everyday wear, but also for a trip to an event or a party with friends. In this case, you can combine color accents and texture accents by choosing leather. Since this material does not lose its relevance, even a combination of two leather elements – a jacket and trousers will look stylish.

With the right combination of things of different styles, you can get sets with a turtleneck sweater and a jacket, suitable for office work and business negotiations, as well as for meetings with friends and for parties.

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