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Accents in summer fashion 2020: a special solution for a bright personality

Every woman or girl, regardless of the secular level, if not closely following fashion trends, then at least looks at them with interest and tries to adhere to them. Experts in this field talk about the general trend of thoughtfulness of the image and the abundance of handmade elements. What fashionable accents will be in the summer of 2020 and what is better to refuse?

summer fashion

More denim

Quality denim items do not lose their relevance for years. Images of “total look” are erected on a pedestal, where all elements of clothing are selected exclusively from denim. Stylists warn: it is better to combine things of the same shade and density, avoiding eclecticism. The image should look complete and harmonious. In addition, do not discount long denim skirts below the knee: they are gaining popularity again.


Clothing customization

Or, in other words, giving it a unique look by adding creative elements. Lace, macrame, embroidery, painting – everything that looks appropriate to the chosen image will do. It is important to strike a balance here: the customization element should not draw all attention to itself. It only emphasizes and completes the overall picture.

summer denim

Lantern sleeves

In shirts, geometric shapes, puffed sleeves and raised shoulders are broadcast, and in terms of color it is better to stay on the classic white version. The basic wardrobe in the summer of 2020 does not play a main, but a supporting role.


Blue and indigo

The trendy color in the summer season of 2020 is blue and its deep, rich shades. The stricter the style and the more dominant the amount of this color in clothes, the fresher and more relevant the image will turn out. It is perfectly complemented by gold-plated jewelry.

blue clothes

Light lace and fringes

Despite the general restraint of summer fashion, light lace skirts, translucent tops and fishnet suits, knitted boots add a touch of carelessness. It is acceptable to use them in combination with other types of fabric, denim sets are especially successful.


Black and white tartan and geometry

Despite the riot of colors this season, it is permissible to dilute the wardrobe with a classic checkered combination. In this case, do not forget about bright accessories: bags, scarves, belts. Almost any bright shade is suitable for black and white: lemon, fuchsia, rich dark green.

black and white clothes

call of the jungle

Juicy tropical prints dictate their own rules for this summer season. Volumetric models, flowing fabric, a tied belt at the waist are indispensable companions of hot days. The rainforest will settle in the wardrobe for a long time – fashion designers predict its steady popularity.

tropical prints

Cycling shorts and jersey shorts

They still hold leadership positions and are not going to leave fashion shows. A model is chosen that maximizes the dignity of the figure. There are no requirements for the length: both the shortest options and almost to the knee will do.


Crop Tops & Bras

Be careful here: in order not to look vulgar, stylists recommend wearing a fairly closed jacket or jacket over it to compensate for open areas of the body. However, the buttons on outerwear are best left unbuttoned.

crop top

We place accents and complete the image

General summer fashion trends leave the choice of accessories to us.

A massive necklace, barely noticeable pearl threads or an abundance of gilding – do not forget that all this is chosen in order to emphasize the integrity of the chosen image, and therefore should not attract undue attention. Particularly appropriate in addition to the summer look are weightless shawls and scarves.


Creating an individual image is painstaking, but exciting work. Armed with the advice of stylists, you can always look fresh, bright and extraordinary.

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