Actress Alina Alekseeva spoke about the fear that prevents her from falling asleep

The star of the series “Olga” Alina Alekseeva is a very cheerful and positive person. But recently, she surprised her followers with a post about her fears. Alina said that she and her friend shared the anxieties that they think about at night and cannot sleep.

It turns out that the actress is afraid of injections. Yes! Ordinary intramuscular injections.

“They will give me an injection in the ass, but they will do it so unexpectedly that I will twitch and the needle will break off. Then we will pull it out for a long time, but with each movement it will go further and further, ”Alekseeva wrote in her microblog.

Then Alina discussed where to deal with such a delicate problem. To the emergency room, but the staff is so unfamiliar, or to your own clinic, but this can happen at night. How can I wait until morning?

Alekseeva’s friend’s fear turned out to be even stranger. She is afraid of emergencies and evacuation. Since in this case, allegedly people will be “driven into columns of 100 people and forced to walk for long kilometers with a fifteen-minute rest break. On the spot, everyone will be accommodated in camps with a personal space of 2 sq. m, and there will be one nurse per 1,000 people.”

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At the end of the post, Alina assured subscribers that all people are subject to “stupid worries.” And she asked the followers what they are afraid of.

Fans shared their experiences in the comments:

  • “My main tremor is a trip to the dentist, anesthesia does not take at all”;
  • “I am afraid of cockroaches. I was afraid that some cockroach would crawl into my ear”;
  • “Since childhood, the fear of falling, even had dreams that I climbed high and could not go down.”

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