Actress Natalia Medvedeva spoke about her relationship with the rest

Natalia Medvedeva shares recipes for a proper and productive vacation with her Instagram followers.

Natalia writes that she never plans her vacation in advance. Working a whole year and then resting is not for her. Medvedeva relaxes from the change of places and pictures in her life. Natalia says that she can rest at home from trips, and at work she forgets about everyday problems.

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The actress never knows exactly when she will have an overload and terribly tired, so the rest is always spontaneous. If there is no way to change the situation, then at the end of the day a new series or meditation scrolling through the Instagram feed can become an excellent anti-stress. However, this must be done without fanaticism, in moderation.

Natalia asks how her fans reboot and where they get their inspiration from.

“I rest in different ways. Most often I watch my favorite series on the couch with a friend. And when I travel, I just love to relax alone with nature, ”writes Anyuta.

“I’m going to the wilderness with my family for the weekend, I have a house there with a pond and not a single soul. Sometimes a she-wolf comes to us, we feed her, and she guards us at night. And this is class! ”Sergey talks about his extreme vacation.

“Meditation with Instagram is interesting. You are right, the main thing is not for long. I set an alarm for 28 minutes, otherwise then I will have to reboot from this. I love to relax near the sea. At any time of the year, just hear the rustling on the pebbles, ”Irina shares her memories.

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