Actress Olga Dibtseva urged subscribers to think carefully before buying online training from an insta guru

Olga Dibtseva warns her Instagram followers against buying obsessive online courses and get-rich-quick schemes.

Olga says that when she accidentally saw such a course that a friend sent her, she was horrified. It costs 12 thousand rubles. But after all, what they broadcast there will never help you become rich and successful.

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Publication from Olga Dibtseva (@dibulik)

Dibtseva believes that now free e-courses are becoming just a catastrophe on a cosmic scale. You are attacked with advertising in Direct, by mail, in private messages, convincingly urging you to buy a course.

Despite how strong the manipulations are made with your consciousness, you need to gather your will into a fist and stop in time. Olga recommends taking a breath and thinking about how you can then implement the acquired knowledge and whether you need it.

In the comments, Olga’s fans, as always, admire her beauty and ability to convey the necessary information to the intended destination. Many admit that they bought into such calls, while others write that they will henceforth be attentive and selective in considering such proposals.

“The funny thing is that before your post, I scrolled through two posts with just such a topic – urgently buy a course and you will be rich,” says Lyubov.

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