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Actual design for the summer of 2020: military style is feminine and noble

The popular trend of summer 2020 is military style. On the one hand, it is rough and hard, and on the other, it is gentle and very feminine. It is important to be able to combine it with other things in the wardrobe so as not to look “anyhow”.

military style

Military immediately stands out in color and density of the fabric. This direction in clothing is close to the unisex category: camouflage clothing (khaki), swamp green, dark green, dark blue, gray and dark gray, shades of brown, olive, black.

At the fashion shows of the Summer 2020 line, fashion designers presented unusual dresses, outerwear, trouser suits, blouses. Military style will be relevant in all details of clothing this year. But do not pounce on him and immediately buy everything that is khaki.

Summer 2020

Is military style right for you?

The shade should be selected according to your skin color type and based on your body type. This style can add zest to the image or, conversely, completely spoil it. It is very important to understand that military is massive boots, broad shoulders. Therefore, with small stature or large hips, you should refrain from shoes of this style, and girls with an inverted triangle figure should not choose things with wide shoulders.

military style dress

What color to choose

To visually reduce their shapes – dark blue, dark green, black, dark brown. For visual magnification – on the contrary, lighter shades. It plays a big role in the image. The wrong focus will destroy the image.

Is the military suitable for all ages

Yes! Style Feature – Say no to limits. At any age, military clothing will be appropriate if you choose the right things. It’s not that hard to learn this.

military for children

military for adults

I will look like a man

This is the stereotype of many ladies who are afraid to experiment. First, femininity – it is not in clothes, it is inside. Either you feel it or you don’t. And it does not depend on the style of clothing. And secondly, a well-chosen image will only highlight the curves of your body, emphasize all the beauty and femininity.

military clothing

Military is not only trousers

No, this is not only about trousers, it is also about dresses, skirts, suits. Everyone can find something for themselves. A lot of different interesting dresses that attract attention that you want to look at. If you think broadly, then military style has everything!

The hit of summer 2020 is gaining popularity around the world. Those who are not afraid of experiments look insanely beautiful.

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