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Actual fashion for obese women of the spring-summer 2019 season (photo of new products)

The chic image of a magnificent lady has always excited artists and modern stylists. The temporarily imposed image of an emaciated girl is now gradually giving way to the harmony and beauty of the smooth lines of the female figure. Increasingly, designers and stylists are beginning to pay attention to curvaceous ladies. The current fashion for obese women for the summer of 2019 includes many bold, unconventional solutions. These are bright colors, tight-fitting styles, flowing fabrics and much more.


Fashion for the season spring and summer 2019 for obese women attracts by the fact that a large number of new products are presented here, photos of which can be seen on this page. This will allow you to think over your image in advance and form a basic wardrobe without haste and hassle. All the bright trends and current trends of the spring-summer season fit perfectly into everyday and business style, give a touch of light romance and perfectly emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

It is enough just to follow some rules that are described in this article. In the meantime, look at the new items in the photo, which better than any words show the attractiveness and aesthetics of magnificent forms:

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How to start building a basic wardrobe?

Where do you need to start the preliminary preparation of a basic wardrobe for a full girl or woman for the upcoming spring and summer? Of course, from the study of the future image. To do this, you should carefully study all your shortcomings and advantages. You should also think about how and where you would like to look. What things will be needed for this. Well, the next step is a detailed revision of the things that exist in the wardrobe. Each of them must be evaluated for suitability for use in the future warm season. Everything superfluous should be put aside.[affegg id=110]

In particular, in 2019, stylists working on fashion for overweight women recommend unambiguously abandoning the following things:

  • whose size is larger than yours;
  • the prevailing colors are dark and gloomy;
  • there are decorations in the form of shiny sequins and rhinestones;
  • with flounces, ruffles, decorative inserts, wide belts;
  • shapeless cut styles, as well as overly tight-fitting.

You should leave only those things that have a strict classic cut, are monophonic and do not look like a hoodie on the figure.

After the work done, you can begin to study the recommendations of stylists and delve into fashion trends. It is about them that we will burn further. In the meantime, another portion of stylish everyday bows that fashion for the full spring-summer offers:

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Current trends: styles and colors, prints and accessories

The current 2019 full fashion trends include many exclusive designs. All of them are aimed at visually stretching the silhouette and giving it compositional restraint. Due to this, a visual reduction in volume is achieved and a flying harmony is imparted. We will analyze the most popular styles and colors, used prints and additional accessories. With the help of the latter, bright accents are placed, diverting attention from problematic parts of the body.

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Let’s start with the styles of individual elements of the basic wardrobe. A skirt should be in the arsenal of every fashionista, regardless of the type of her professional activity and body weight. The most popular types of cut are godet, pencil, straight classic with tucks. With their help, by the way, you can “fit” the model according to the figure so that it will visually reduce the volume.

Flare coming into fashion is offered in a wide variety. The skirt flared from the hip allows you to hide the heaviness of the hip line. But you need to choose the most tight-fitting top for it. It can be a shirt made of dense fabric that perfectly maintains its shape, or a turtleneck made of fine silk jersey. But with a pencil skirt, fashion for obese women in the summer of 2019 recommends combining flying tunics, flowing tops with a cut line 10-15 cm below the waist line.

Choose only expensive natural fabrics. It is on thin girls that an untidy synthetic harvester will look like an element of slight negligence. For a lush lady, matte satin and natural Chinese silk would be the best option. For cool weather, it is recommended to choose jackets and blazers from thin and dense knitwear, jackets from cashmere and thin suiting fabrics. They go great this season with all kinds of skirts.

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Returning to the topic of trousers, it is also worth noting the presence of a flare in all its forms and types. It can be an extension from the knee and hip. And it all depends on the type of female figure. With fairly slender hips, you can choose a more classic version of flared trousers from the hip line. A snow-white cotton shirt or a cashmere sweater with a high neck will be perfectly combined with it. But for ladies with lush hips, the expansion of trousers from the waist or hip line is suitable. With this style, the top should be moderately tight-fitting. A light blazer or peplum jacket will give the impression of fragility and lightness of forms.

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In fashion for the full spring and summer of 2019, there is a great variety of capes, sleeveless coats, boleros and ponchos. All of them are designed to provide inner emotional comfort. Therefore, it is beneficial to use sheer chiffon capes, lace summer coats and plain ponchos for cool weather. Do not wrap yourself in these things like a cocoon. Believe me, even with a translucent texture, they will do their job perfectly – they will create maximum emotional comfort.

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Looking at the colors and prints, we immediately see that all gloomy and boring colors fade into the background. The favorite of the season is white and a palette of pastel colors. Don’t be afraid to wear white skirts and shirts. With the right cut, they visually reduce the volume. A white shirt should be cut in such a way that the fastening placket with bright contrasting buttons is clearly visible. Vertical tucks, tucks and more are also welcome. A white skirt should be a classic pencil skirt, possibly with a vent or slits.

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Peach and lilac shades are popular. They can surprisingly be present both in blouses and cardigans, and in skirts and trousers. When choosing jeans, you should give preference to a classic cut with a high waistline. You can combine with a silk top, a plaid shirt and a knitted sweater.

Drawings and prints take on a somewhat bizarre form. These are blurry vertical stripes, large flowers, birds, exotic African ethno-style motifs. They are used in sundresses, pareos, summer suits.

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