Actual ideas for manicure with broths!

Bouillon manicure is a new word in the art of nail art! Volumetric and stylish, it will definitely draw attention to your hands and cause everyone’s admiration. We have collected for you the best ideas for such coverage both for every day and for a special occasion. Well, how about a cool caviar manicure? Yes!

“Caviar” manicure with broths

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What it is

Bouillons are small balls, the diameter of which is from 1 to 4 millimeters. They are often compared with caviar, and manicure gets the corresponding name caviar. The smallest beads create a luxurious velvet effect due to their resemblance to sand. Larger specimens can be compared with rhinestones, which make the design more voluminous and interesting.

Beautiful manicure with bouillons

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In the store you will find both plain and multi-colored broths. Which one you choose depends on your courage and imagination. Solid color beads, as a rule, are combined with the same color of varnish. But sometimes nail art masters play on the contrast of shades of bouillon and base coat. The advantage of multi-colored balls is that they are combined with any colors and create a spectacular manicure.

Colored broths

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Note! When choosing broths, the size of the nails is important. For example, a short length harmoniously looks with millimeter balls. But on long nails, you can experiment and use broths of any size.


Advantages and disadvantages

Like any decor for a manicure, broths have their pros and cons. The undeniable advantages include:

  • low cost of the product and economical consumption – this is a reasonable investment in a spectacular design;
  • variety of colors and diameters;
  • easy use, which can be handled even at home;
  • the ability to make any image more vivid, and any girl more self-confident;
  • a way to be in the subject of fashion trends – broths are now at the peak of popularity;
  • Can be used on both natural and extended nails.

Stylish manicure design with bouillons

But there are some disadvantages that you should also pay attention to:

  • to use the broths, additional tools of the nail master are required;
  • increased drying time compared to conventional manicure;
  • to create various patterns with balls, you will need accuracy, patience and almost jewelry accuracy;
  • such a manicure is short-lived;
  • if the fixing layer is not reliable, the broths can cause tights on tights and discomfort.

If these cons did not scare you, then it’s time to be inspired by the ideas of manicure with broths that we have prepared for you.

The most fashionable bouillon designs

Take note of our ideas and be sure to try your favorite on your nails!

  • With full coverage of all nails with broths, a caviar manicure is obtained. A scattering of small balls looks truly luxurious. It is made easier than it seems. When creating a manicure with bouillon patterns, you need to scrupulously build a certain sequence of balls. And with caviar manicure, nails with varnish that has not yet dried are simply lowered into a container with broths. It remains only to consolidate the result and voila! – a chic manicure is ready.

Full coverage of one nail with golden broths

  • A more concise version of caviar manicure is covering one or two fingers with broths. This technique is especially popular in 2019 and does not seem to be going to give up.
  • Lunar manicure with sparkling balls can be performed on several or all nails. There can be a lot of options: starting from a transparent hole and covering nails with bouillons, ending with the design of the hole with a scattering of bouillons. This option is suitable for those who want to shine on a weekday.

Lunar French with broths

  • An absolute must-have in the nail industry is a manicure with bouillons and rhinestones as in the photo. This is a versatile combination with which you can create various holiday designs. Bouillons will perfectly complement rhinestones and vice versa, so don’t be afraid to use them at the same time in one manicure.

Bolognese and rhinestones – the perfect combination

  • A popular design worthy only of real queens is the design of the crown on the base of the nails. This is easy to do with bouillons alone, but you get a more luxurious effect if you use rhinestones.

Crown on a classic jacket with broths

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  • Adding broths to various patterns and prints on nails is a fresh and trendy solution. Of course, the easiest way is to lay out the balls along a certain contour, but you can show your imagination and come up with your own options.

Nail design with broths

  • Stretching with broths – that’s really cool! Such a manicure looks unusual, and it requires certain skills to perform. A stretch effect is created on the nails – the number of balls decreases from the edge to the base of the nail.


Let’s start creating beauty

We offer you 2 instructions on how to make a manicure using broths. Choose the one that suits you best!

Manicure with regular polish

  • To get started, do the standard prep work: hand bath, nail polishing, shaping with a nail file, and cuticle removal.
  • Then you should degrease the surface of the nails so that they are ready for the next steps. This is where a tool will help you.
  • Apply the base on the nails, and after it dries, the selected varnish. If the color is not too saturated, create 2 layers.
  • Without waiting for the varnish to dry, lower the nail into a container with broths. If you want to create a specific pattern, use the dots and fix the balls in turn.
  • At the end, be sure to apply a fixative or special glue.

Manicure with broths and regular varnish

Manicure with gel polish – a more durable option

  • In a manicure with broths for gel polish, nail preparation will be similar to a regular manicure.
  • After the nails are degreased and filed, apply the first layer of gel polish base coat on them and dry it under the lamp.
  • Then apply your chosen gel polish in 2 coats and let it dry for about 5 minutes under the lamp.
  • Apply the top layer required for the gel polish and use a thin stick to lay out the broths in the design you like.
  • Dry this beauty under the lamp and secure with the final layer of the top. Then it should also be dried.
  • A special liquid will help you remove the dispersion layer at the end of the manicure.


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Interesting! Nail art masters came up with a life hack for applying bouillon, which is suitable for any manicure. They simply apply glue to the nails in the shape of the desired pattern, pour in broths, and simply shake off the excess.



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