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Actual summer clothes 2020 for sports fashionistas

Tracksuits are gaining popularity among fashionistas: they are stylish, light and, most importantly, comfortable. New models in 2020 are distinguished by style, help to emphasize the figure and are suitable not only for walking, but also for work. Fashion designers introduce “sportiness” into everyday life and turn the idea of ​​sportswear upside down. It is useful to consider fashionable bows of 2020 to stay in trend.



Classics do not go out of fashion due to popularity among the fairer sex. Fashionable accents and logos of famous companies do not allow them to leave the podium of the leader, and every year girls increasingly prefer these clothes.

classic suit

Short top option

The trend of this season will be cropped hoodies or loose-fitting sweatshirts. They look stylish on the figure, suitable for classes in the gym and for walking.

crop top model

pajama style

Fashion designers decided to bring some positive and bright notes to the clothes. They performed it in an unusual pajama form. The effect is added by various prints in the form of rhinestones, lace, which look harmonious and concise. Models are made in a free cut, which will be comfortable and pleasant to be in.

pajama style clothing

Pearl decor

For bold and modern girls, designers have developed a suit embroidered with large pearls. Models made in this decor look very impressive and expensive, attracting the views of others.

pearl decor

knitted style

Another trend of 2020 will be fashionable knitted bows. A stylish look and a huge range of colors will allow you to choose the color and style for any fashionista. The “pigtail” pattern on the sides of the product looks harmonious and beautiful.

knitted suit

With cutout and ties

A new trend in the fashion world, developed by designers, is clothes with a cropped top (it slightly opens the tummy) and an oval neckline. Pants in this model are narrower and with decorative ties that look very stylish.

tie-dye suit

Home style

For girls who do not like home clothes, fashion designers have created comfortable and comfortable home-made suits. Models are made of soft fabrics, free cut, which do not hinder movement. Sometimes models are decorated with various prints and embroidery.

home style suit

New with flared trousers

A non-standard version of an active image that looks stylish and elegant. Flared trousers will give an unusual look, lengthen the silhouette and make the figure more feminine and sophisticated.

suit with flared trousers

XXL-plus variants

This season, plus-size girls will face a difficult choice of which model to choose. Fashion designers have prepared a line of fashionable ideas that are ideal for sports, walking and relaxing.

clothes for overweight

The number of models of tracksuits presented is quite diverse, so the summer of 2020 promises to be hot. Any girl will be able to choose her own unique version and colorful image. Suits are created not only for sports, but also for pleasant walks, work.

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