Acupuncture for weight loss

The times when poets and artists glorified puffy beauties are long gone, now the “90-60-90” parameters are in fashion, which were determined back in the early 60s by a model named Leslie Hornby, better known by the nickname Twiggy and who became world’s first supermodel.

Almost half a century has passed, and millions of girls and women on the planet are constantly trying to achieve this ideal or set their goals even higher – so that the waist is like a “reed”, steep hips, big breasts.

What methods the beautiful half of humanity does not resort to in order to lose weight, and the matter has not been limited to diets and the gym for a long time. This also includes narcotic stimulants (for example, amphetamine), miracle pills (you drink and lose weight), miracle simulators (you just attach it to your body and it pumps out all excess fat), a complete refusal to eat, smoking, a decrease in stomach volume, etc. d. etc.

Apart from all the rest is the method of acupuncture therapy, or, in a simple way, the method of acupuncture. This is a very ancient form of treatment, and it came to us from ancient China, where it has been used for about 4 thousand years.

The essence of this method lies in the fact that the specialist affects the biologically active points of a person with thin metal needles that are driven under the skin, thereby increasing blood circulation in the patient’s body. At the same time, it should be said that acupuncture is used in many areas of medicine, but then we will talk about the practice of losing weight.

With the help of acupuncture, the body adjusts metabolism and regulates appetite, and this leads to the fact that a woman gradually begins to lose weight. But all this is achieved only when the therapy is carried out according to all the rules and is aimed at curing the whole organism, and not at individual human organs, as is most often the case.

Do not expect magic and miracles from this therapy. Like other weight loss methods, it will only work if the person leads the right lifestyle and exercises. That is, if you just come and poke yourself with needles, the effect will be zero, since the extra pounds will return very quickly, and they will even grab a couple of their “friends”.

Acupuncture Methods

As for the methods of acupuncture, there are quite a few of them, but in Russia several of them are popular.

Faleev’s method: this is when only one needle is injected into the patient’s ear, which affects the endocrine, nervous and autonomic systems, which in turn leads to the correction of the state of the internal organs. And, as a result, a decrease in hunger and normalization of weight. It should also be said here that such a needle is usually placed in the ear for up to six months, that is, the method is effective with prolonged use and under the constant supervision of a specialist.

In the second method, needles are pricked into the stomach or legs for 30-60 minutes until a slight tingling sensation is felt. At this time, the stomach begins to work productively, which. In turn. Leads to better functioning of the kidneys and intestines. There is a kind of cleansing of the body, improves metabolism.

Mukhina’s Golden Needle. In appearance, this device is similar to a piercing, and it is placed in a special zone responsible for a feeling of fullness, usually lasting up to a year. Thus, there is a gradual weight loss. If we talk about the pros and cons of this method, then the pluses include the fact that this ancient method really gives its results, but the only question is how long, like all other methods of losing weight, the result will not be forever. The disadvantages include the high cost of the treatment method and the pain that occurs during its application.

In fact, the sensations are unpleasant, since the specialist touches the nerve endings of a person, which is why beautiful ladies are ready to make any sacrifices in order to achieve some kind of ideal.

And finally, I would like to say that acupuncture is contraindicated for those people who:

  • acute psychoses;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute life-threatening conditions;
  • severe form of hemophilia;

Therefore, you need to move more, be outdoors, exercise, and live, above all, in harmony with yourself!

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