Acupuncture. Injections from old age

Chinese medicine is often credited with miraculous properties. It is clear why: if it is not easy to understand the principle of action, and the results are impressive, legends are born by themselves. The latest trend – acupuncture as a method of fighting wrinkles – legend or reality?

Unlike the more familiar Western model of treatment, the Chinese model is distinguished by a holistic perception of the body. Don’t expect acupuncture to get rid of, say, crow’s feet around the eyes, as a facelift would. The task is different: to create conditions in which the body will function correctly, which means that the skin will smooth out due to the improvement of metabolic processes.

The skin, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, is a natural boundary between man and the universe. All internal organs have their own “reflections” on the skin – the points where the meridians intersect, along which the Qi energy flows – the vital energy of the Universe.

Acupuncture – control of the flow of Qi energy with the help of needles; as a result, a certain organ and the organism as a whole come to harmony.

How is acupuncture done

For a specialist in Chinese medicine, each person is individual, the same disease is treated in different ways in different people. Therefore, the stage of diagnosis is extremely important: the doctor carefully examines the person, observes his manner of movement; carefully studies the language, hair, nails, skin. Particular attention is paid to the skin of the face: its texture, color, density, moisture, the presence of spots of any type. Each zone of the face is “responsible” for the state of health of a certain internal organ.

The doctor listens to the patient – and this is much more than hearing the history of his illnesses: certain conclusions are drawn from the tone of voice, the manner of speaking … In addition to the heart pulse, in Chinese medicine, the pulses of each of the internal organs are evaluated; the ability to read them is a great skill.

Finally, having completed the diagnostic process, the doctor proceeds to the actual process of inserting needles. The patient lies on the couch, his face is thoroughly cleaned. The needles are sterile, disposable, made of stainless steel, very thin and flexible. In total, there are 16 active points on the face, but not necessarily each of them will be involved. After the introduction of the needles, the patient remains on the couch for 20-30 minutes – this is the time of rest, meditation, pleasant thoughts that contribute to complete relaxation.

Acupuncture results and prices

Already after the first procedure, you can notice an increase in skin elasticity, softening and smoothing of wrinkles. The fact is that the tip of the needle provokes the production of nerve impulses, and the reactions launched in the cerebral cortex, in turn, contribute to the production of hormones that control all processes in the body. Thus, few methods can match acupuncture in accuracy and speed of action.

To achieve stable results, 6-8 visits will be required, once every 3 days – courses twice a year; at the same time, if an instant effect is required for one evening, one procedure is enough. Prices in Europe are about 80-100 euros per procedure.

Acupuncture usually causes either spontaneous disgust or unconditional acceptance. If the patient feels “this works, this is mine”, then any health problems are solved in the same way. Like any system, Chinese medicine is more effective, the more complete the “immersion” is – it is useful to learn to follow diets, follow certain rules of sleep and wakefulness, learn to enter into a fruitful and constructive dialogue with your body.

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