“Acute topic”: Ksenia Borodina discussed what to do if a man is “taken away” by another

Ksenia Borodina posted her photo with her husband Kurban on Instagram. She writes that many subscribers ask what to do if another guy is taken away.

Xenia is surprised by such a question – why do you need a husband who is so easy to take away. The worst thing is when, in order to keep a walking man, women seek to become pregnant urgently.

In this situation, Borodina does not understand the position of the woman to whom such a man leaves. Why do you need him, who betrayed the previous one, are you not afraid of the boomerang law when you coveted someone else’s?

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Ksenia does not understand why men cannot be frank with themselves and with their beloved? She believes that some men lack family values, they feel like the master of the situation. But the main culprit in this situation is himself. Such a person cannot build honest relationships and is prone to betrayal.

However, here, Ksyusha believes, the woman is no less to blame. After all, after a spree, she allows her husband to return home, as if nothing had happened. In such a situation, Ksenia advises women to be tough and steadfast, to close the door in front of him. Maybe then a man will begin to appreciate your relationship and peace will come in the family.

Xenia knows what she writes about. After all, five years ago, the whole country watched what passions raged in her family. All the dirtiest laundry was taken out of the secret closets. However, Ksenia found the strength to forgive Kurban and is now absolutely happy.

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