Advantages, procedure and cost of eyelash extensions

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then eyelashes are the perfect frame for this mirror. This is especially true of amazing, attractive and bewitching female eyes.

What amazing epithets the great poets did not come up with in order to sing the coquettish wave of female eyelashes – this is the gates of paradise, and wonderful fans, and angel feathers. Women know how to use this unique weapon: they come up with hundreds of ways to emphasize their eyes with voluminous eyelashes.

In Ola salons located in St. Petersburg, beautiful ladies can make their eyes more piercing and magical with the help of eyelash extensions. We offer beam and eyelash extensions using different methods. Thanks to these tricks, you will have an impeccable appearance 24 hours a day, especially since the cost of eyelash extensions is about 50 rubles per bunch – you must admit, these are mere trifles compared to the result that you will achieve.

This procedure consists in attaching lashes of different sizes to the eyelid or the client’s own lashes. It is desirable that the extension be carried out exclusively in a reliable salon where professionals work, because this procedure is so delicate and painstaking that not every master can perform it with high quality.

So, when you contact an experienced master, he will offer you to choose the type of eyelashes you want, as well as the shape and length. This choice must be made with the utmost care. All false eyelashes are divided into 2 categories: natural and artificial.

If you stop at the first option, you will get a number of undeniable advantages. Natural eyelashes look more natural, neat, elegant, they will harmoniously fit into your everyday look. It is also worth noting that eyelashes made from natural materials are absolutely safe. Even if they get into the eye socket, you will not have any allergic reactions. However, silk, mink and squirrel eyelashes are not cheap, and, therefore, such a procedure can significantly reduce your financial budget.

Therefore, you can choose artificial eyelashes – they cost much less. If a professional produces beam extensions, the result will be in no way inferior to the effect of natural eyelashes. Contact real masters in St. Petersburg.

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