Affirmations for women for weight loss

To lose weight and gain a beautiful slender body, women are ready for a lot, but always dieting for a long time leads to the desired result. Sometimes something constantly gets in the way and leads you astray. And they don’t seem to eat sweets, they completely exclude fat, they spend all the evenings doing physical exercises, and the weight stands still. It’s all in the head and in our subconscious. It happens that women simply lack the confidence that she can reach the end, and eventually find new and improved forms. She may not eat anything, but at the same time not lose weight, but the thing is that internally she herself does not believe in it. It turns out that an attempt to throw off too much may never end and go, as if in a circle. This is where affirmations for weight loss come to the rescue.

What exactly is an affirmation?

Affirmations are conscious thoughts and repeated phrases that can affect the subconscious of a person, and thereby change his current beliefs about his life and appearance. You can repeat them out loud, but you can also silently. Each woman must decide for herself which way the impact will work best, and how she will be more comfortable. The main thing is that the right thought is spinning in the head as long and often as possible. It is then that she influences emotions and sends peculiar messages to the Universe. And then life itself takes over. After all, it is no secret to anyone that thought can be material. The main thing is to formulate it correctly.

When coming up with a phrase that will help you lose weight, you can’t use the “not” particle. For example: “I don’t want to be fat anymore.” This setting will never work. She already has a negative character in herself and will not be able to set a woman up for a positive result. It would be more correct to compose a sentence as follows: “I lose weight every day and at the same time I feel great.” It turns out that affirmations with a negative character seem to lead to defeat and failure in what was conceived. And no matter how much a woman repeats them, they will not have any effect. But confidence in their thoughts and plans really makes the fairer sex believe in themselves, and helps to lose extra, heavy and unnecessary pounds. In this regard, when setting the desired phrase, you should not use such words and particles as: no, not, got rid of, never, stopped, do not want, and so on. And yet, the word “I can” symbolizes to the subconscious that a woman can cope with her problem herself, without the help of miraculous persuasion. In this case, the mysterious reserves of the body will not work at full capacity.

Another important condition is that all affirmations must be pronounced in the present tense. It just so happened that the human brain does not perceive the word “I will.” Therefore, saying “I will be thin”, this will not happen. The subconscious refers to this phrase as to the fact that the woman is not thin now, and this will not happen. The future tense becomes uncertain and difficult to implement because there is no starting point. You should always turn to your inner consciousness only in the present tense, even if this is not the case yet. Saying “I am very slim and thin”, as if a signal enters the brain that there is a fact on which work is to be done. That is, the achievement of the sounded statement begins. And the whole body is already connected to this, helping a woman get rid of everything superfluous and become lighter. So instead of saying “I won’t eat much”, you should say “I only eat healthy food that helps me to be slim”.

How can you help affirmations come true?

All thoughts directed to the subconscious must be clear and specific. They should excite the emotional state of a person, causing vivid and vivid sensations. Fuzzy sentences that do not describe the desire in detail will not be able to help it come true. The wording “I’m slim” can not really affect the feelings. And if you say “I have slender hips, a flat stomach, a toned ass, thin arms and legs”, then an image is immediately born in my head that sends a signal to all the cells of the body, forcing them to start working in this direction. Visualization certainly makes a positive contribution. Therefore, pronouncing specific words, you need to learn to imagine and see them.

Affirmations can be strengthened by diluting them with words that color the emotions experienced. They should carry only positive and cheer up. A woman needs to think carefully about which of them leave a pleasant mark on her soul. These words include:

  • amazing,
  • fabulous,
  • wonderful,
  • with joy,
  • with great pleasure.

The use of the above amplifiers in the created phrases may look like this: every day I eat diet meals with great pleasure.

In order for the said sentences to begin to be fulfilled, much attention and time is devoted to their repetition. Therefore, it would be better if the affirmation consists of 6-7 words, but no more. Too complex and long phrases are difficult to be repeated frequently. It should be borne in mind that this process must be continuous. You can’t repeat the right sentence all day today, and tomorrow allow yourself to take a break from it.

If a woman really wants to achieve success in losing weight through affirmations, she must work daily. Sometimes there come moments when patience is lost, but the long-awaited result is still not there. In no case should you abandon the path you have begun. Such internal messages aimed at improving the appearance cannot be earned in just a couple of days and immediately. This is a kind of work, which only with perseverance and over time, will be able to bestow its fruits.

Examples of affirmations for weight loss

  1. I’m re-creating my sexy body.
  2. I am beautiful and slim.
  3. I feel full from one apple.
  4. I like my toned belly.
  5. I eat and lose weight.
  6. I am happy to have such a small weight.
  7. I am dropping pounds quickly.
  8. I admire my reflection in the mirror.
  9. I love my ideal weight.
  10. The feeling of hunger gives me pleasure.
  11. Everything I eat makes me slimmer.
  12. My body loves me and is losing weight.
  13. Extra kilos gladly leave me.
  14. I am in harmony with my body and soul.
  15. I feel great when I eat a little.
  16. My legs and arms are changing.
  17. My chubby cheeks are getting smaller every day.
  18. I am delighted with my new forms.
  19. Every bite of food makes me stunning.

You can repeat the affirmations listed above, or you can choose individual phrases for yourself. The main thing is that they are pronounced confidently, pleasantly and easily, with …

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