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Affordable trend: how to dress fashionably, but not expensively

Sometimes it seems that keeping up with fashion is simply impossible! The stylists decided to deal with this problem: the article presents tips and tricks that can really make a fashionable wardrobe more accessible. The trend is affordable today for a wide range of consumers with different income levels. How to dress fashionably and inexpensively – every fashionista should know this, because in a difficult economic period you want to save your budget and not lose your face.

Choose “out of season”

When it comes to shopping, the sale has been and remains the main tool for saving money. It’s good that in the sale you can always find a thing that will be needed next year: feel free to buy winter boots in the summer, and dresses in the winter. Choose “out of season” and take advantage of special offers and promotions. This can save you a significant amount of money. And the fashion trends of the latest shows are such that there are no major changes. Those. a thing bought in this way can remain stylish for many years.kak-odevatsya-modno (2)

Do not rush to buy and use promo codes

Sometimes shopping is a real hunt: do not buy what catches your eye. As a rule, stores are organized in such a way that the buyer first of all sees the most expensive things and makes a lot of rash purchases. do not rush to buy – put off an important decision for a while and look for a similar thing at a more affordable price. This is happening all over the place these days.

Second hand and flea markets

In your hometown or while traveling, try to look into an interesting consignment store: you can find really cool stuff there for a penny. Second hand and flea markets often offer pretty decent stuff at affordable prices. Dreaming of a bohemian dress, designer shoes or retro sunglasses? It is not necessary to go abroad: vintage accessories and dresses are still searched on the site Etsy.kak-odevatsya-modno (6)

Brand Finds

Let’s say you’re just in love with these Chloe sandals, but they cost as much as one and a half of your salary. This is no time to be sad, because things from famous designers can be bought on Ebay much cheaper: many fashionistas, having bought something by mistake (for example, the size did not fit, or the thing was not useful), they sell branded items on this site. This can save you hundreds of dollars! Brand finds on the net are now available to many.kak-odevatsya-modno (5)

Sets and Kits

Now, when layering is in fashion, you can save on T-shirts and long sleeves: no one will see them, so it makes no sense to overpay for a brand, right? It is even more profitable to buy basic cotton models in a set of several pieces: this option is offered by a popular online store Asos. sets and kits are a ready-made universal solution that suits the style of any bow. By choosing such options, you can solve the problem of a casual stylish look.

Quality matters

In the case of shoes or a sweater, it is better to pay more: as you know, the miser pays twice! It makes no sense to buy a thing just because of the low price, because it is possible that after the first wash you don’t want to wear your purchase again. Quality is very important for things used in everyday wardrobe. But as an evening dress, an inexpensive wardrobe item may well come off. Speaking of laundry, wardrobe care is a whole science that you need to master urgently if you want to buy clothes less frequently. Do not save on powders and conditioners, especially for delicate fabrics and wool.

The power of accessories

The ability to create an image with the help of hats, jewelry, gloves, tights and everything else will help save a lot: accessories not only cost less than clothes in general, but can completely transform a simple outfit. The strength of accessories is that they give the impression of newness and freshness of the bow. Most of the popular chain stores have a line of fashion accessories: for example, a good selection of hats, jewelry and scarves can be found at H&M.[affegg id=161]kak-odevatsya-modno (1)kak-odevatsya-modno (3) kak-odevatsya-modno (4)

In pursuit of trends

It would seem that the low prices of fast-fashion stores are actually a trap. In pursuit of trends in them, fashionistas can get confused and choose something completely different from what they originally wanted. Everyone wants to look like a real it-girl, so relatively cheap and trendy items are sold out very quickly. However, think about it: most trends become irrelevant after a couple of months, and an eccentric thing goes to the far shelf. The solution is simple: buy only what you really like and fit brilliantly into your existing wardrobe.

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