After all, a dress: 5 fashionable styles for New Year’s Eve 2021

Many begin to prepare for the New Year’s Eve long before it arrives. Girls not only think over the menu, but also carefully select the outfit. In the year of the Ox, it is important to consider not only the color, but also the style of the dress: a woman should not only be beautiful, but also feel comfortable in a festive bow.

Fluffy skirt

For girls who want to stand out on a holiday and become a real princess, it is better to choose dresses with a fluffy skirt. Fashion designers took care of this and prepared styles to choose from, there are floor-length, mini and knee-length models.

Actual colors of the New Year’s dress will be:

  • gold;
  • green;
  • cream;
  • blue.

This outfit looks especially beautiful on tall women. Femininity will add an open back, a deep neckline and bare shoulders.

Delicate combination

The lingerie style looks gentle, feminine and elegant; from the first minutes it attracts the admiring glances of people around. A woman in a similar outfit will be the center of attention. Complement your holiday look:

  • stilettos;
  • large earrings;
  • clutch to match the dress.

Slip dresses are perfect both on their own and in combination with a jacket or cardigan. It is best to pick up a thing from the men’s wardrobe. To meet the new 2021, models decorated with sequins, lace, rhinestones are suitable.

Translucent models

An actual bow will be a dress with translucent inserts, sleeves or as a second main material. A midi skirt worn over a mini looks beautiful and spectacular.

The translucent fabric will create an unforgettable image, the bow will immediately become light and weightless. It is permissible to open your back, or you can even take a chance and, conversely, cover only the most necessary. It all depends on the courage and looseness of the girl.

voluminous sleeves

Dresses, shirts with puff sleeves and lanterns are back in fashion. When choosing such an outfit, the girl is unlikely to be left without a boyfriend.

For New Year’s Eve, it is better to choose a wardrobe item made of light and flying material that will hold its shape throughout the holiday.

The right outfit will allow the girl to create a gentle and romantic image, turn her into a real princess of the ball. It is worth choosing accessories for such a bow more carefully: they should not be massive and flashy.


To create a sophisticated and attractive look, a dress with asymmetric elements is suitable. This outfit looks both restrained and sexy. When choosing a bow, it should be borne in mind that the main focus is on the outfit, so all other details should be neutral, this applies to makeup and hairstyles.

Asymmetry looks good on the hem of the skirt, it creates playfulness. Sharma will add an open shoulder. Both options are perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Any of the proposed outfits is relevant for the New Year 2021. The main thing is to choose a dress taking into account the type of figure, hair color. The symbol of the coming year is the Bull, this animal does not like pretentiousness, it prefers brevity.

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