Almond face peeling

Mandelic acid is produced from bitter almond extracts and has similar properties to fruit acid. Phenyl glycolic acid is a type of aromatic fatty acid belonging to alpha hydroxy acids, combining the features and actions of salicylic and glycolic acids, that’s what mandelic acid is. The action of mandelic acid is similar to glycolic acid, but the reaction of penetration into the lower layers of the skin is different. Gradually penetrating into the skin, it minimally irritates it. Therefore, almond peeling in its composition is recommended for patients with sensitive and thin skin. It also has bactericidal properties and is able to destroy bacteria and fungi that can cause inflammation of the skin.

Mandelic acid is the most effective of the AHA acids in the treatment of acne, as it inhibits comedogenesis and has a bactericidal effect. The effectiveness is similar to the use and action of antibiotics. Mandelic acid has a photosensitizing effect, so it does not contribute to skin burns and cosmetologists boldly recommend peeling during increased solar activity.

Almond peeling is harmless for patients with dark skin, after its application there is a small risk of hyperpigmentation after the procedure. It can be used in patients with an expanded vascular network – rosacea (crimson, as it were, scattering on the skin of the face, neck).

With sensitive and thin skin in a patient, almond peeling of the facial skin does not cause irritation. This is facilitated by the fact that the mandelic acid molecule is larger in size than glycolic acid and therefore cannot penetrate into the lower layers of the skin. Such peeling is prescribed for those who have acne, broken skin relief, oily seborrhea, post-acne. Mandelic acid, due to its composition, helps to restore the upper layer of the epidermis.

Almond peeling has a positive effect and corrects mimic wrinkles, restores skin turgor. But with skin lesions, active forms of herpes and intolerance, peeling is contraindicated.

Almond peeling is considered very effective for acne, because it prevents comedogenesis, having a bactericidal effect on the skin similar to the effect of antibiotics on the body.

In addition, almond peeling helps to eliminate mimic wrinkles, early skin aging, restore lost skin elasticity. After a course of almond peeling, the production of glisiaminoglycan, collagen, elastane and other substances that affect the skin is increased.

Almond peeling consists of the following procedures:

  1. Milk cleans the skin;
  2. Pre-peeling with mandelic acid;
  3. Applying mandelic acid to the skin;
  4. Apply cream after peeling.

After the first and subsequent peeling procedures, peeling of the upper layer of the epidermis begins – hyperpigmentation, age spots disappear, and skin cell growth is stimulated.

Acid peeling procedure causes dry skin, sometimes reddening of the skin, in these cases a special moisturizing cream is used, which soothes dry and inflamed skin. A visit to the solarium after taking the peeling procedure is strictly prohibited, you can cause skin burns. The same advice applies to sun exposure.

Beauty salons are advised to conduct a two-week preparation at home, in which every day a cream with fifteen percent mandelic acid will be applied twice a day. This helps before peeling in the salon with a higher concentration of acid, the skin layer adapts.

In special cases, specialists conduct a course of almond peeling, which averages 8 procedures, and they are carried out with a break of ten days. Such a course is recommended to be combined with the use of an antioxidant drug – vitamin C or E. In this case, skin regeneration and immunity improve.

Peeling with mandelic acid is carried out in order to rejuvenate and treat the skin of the face. It will bring no less effect in the fight against age-related changes in the decollete and skin of the hands. Almond peeling is used by men who think about their appearance, especially since this procedure is effective and painless.

Almond peeling at home

It is not difficult to carry out almond peeling at home, it is necessary to use only ground almonds and follow all the recommendations of the beautician. It is necessary to take for the mixture one tablespoon of milk, dry, oatmeal, ground almonds and vegetable oil. Apply this mixture on the skin of the face and rub in with a light movement. Then this composition is washed off and a moisturizer is applied to the face.

Almond peeling is prescribed by masters – cosmetologists as a preparation option before the subsequent deeper skin treatment – laser resurfacing or deep peeling.

Regardless of the type of peeling performed, deep or superficial, it is necessary to carry out procedures for moisturizing and restoring the skin, applying a cream containing collagen, algae extracts or lactic acid, which will restore the water balance of the skin. Then it is necessary to switch to heavier, fatty and biologically active creams, composed of aloe, shea butter and preparations that will help protect the skin from sunburn. Additional intake of vitamins A and C will shorten the time of skin regeneration.

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