Almond oil: properties, benefits, applications

Almond oil, the use of which is very popular among lovers of natural and inexpensive personal care, is rightfully considered the most versatile cosmetic product.

Most commonly used for:

  • facial skin care;
  • make-up removal;
  • hair masks;
  • baths for hands and nails;
  • anti-cellulite wraps;
  • general health of the body.

A big plus is that you can not be afraid to stain clothes or a towel, as it is very easy to wash and does not leave greasy stains.

Application for facial skin

Due to the content of oleic and linoleic acids, as well as vitamins E and B2, with regular use, you can achieve an improvement in complexion, increase skin tone and smooth out small wrinkles. Fine texture promotes rapid absorption and deep hydration.

Moderately low comedogenicity means the oil will not clog pores when applied neat. However, many women enrich their ready-made creams and masks with it, which helps not only to provide more active hydration, but also, thanks to the contained SPF factor of 5, protect the face from the negative effects of sunlight.

Applying almond oil to the area around the eyes is considered very effective. After removing make-up and cleansing the face, a few drops are taken and rubbed in with gentle massaging movements. Such care helps to eliminate signs of fatigue and increase elasticity.

Almond oil even pairs well with a purifying clay mask, which can cause tightness and flaking when used alone. To do this, pour 3 tablespoons of warm water into one spoon of clay, mix thoroughly and add half a teaspoon of oil. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and neck for 10-15 minutes, then washed off. After such a mask, the skin will be fresher and velvety.

In winter, in the fight against chapping of the lips, you can prepare a natural balm.

You need to take:

  • sweet almond oil, 60%
  • shea butter, 20%
  • vitamins A and E (Aevit capsules are suitable, which will need to be pierced with a needle and poured into the solution).

The contents are heated in a water bath, poured into a mold (you can take an old package from under the shadows or lip gloss) and put in the refrigerator for at least an hour. After hardening, the balm is very convenient to apply on the lips to save from cracks, peeling and dryness.

Removing eye makeup

Among Western beauty bloggers, the make-up removal procedure using almond oil is especially popular. Firstly, this way you can effectively wash off waterproof mascaras, and secondly, actively nourish your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Wet a cotton pad with warm water, wring it out and apply a few drops of oil. Then apply to the eyes for 15-20 seconds, removing makeup first from them, and then, on the other side from the eyebrows. It is better not to wash immediately, but at least after half an hour.

This procedure prevents the loss of eyelashes, which is often experienced by any woman when using industrial makeup removers.

However, leaving the oil on all night is not recommended, as the eyes may become slightly reddened, swollen, and a “shroud” will be felt.

hair use

By right, it can be considered the most basic hair care product, surpassing even burdock oil in popularity. Almond oil can be applied both to the roots and to the length without fear of provoking extra hair loss or dandruff, which is very rare.

To obtain a visible result, any oil mask should consist of:

  • basics – almond oil copes best with this role – 70%;
  • ether (Bay oil, ylang-ylang, tea tree, etc.), which contributes to better penetration of the mixture into the hair shaft – 10%;
  • more saturated fatty butter (Shea, cocoa, castor, etc.) – 20%.

The mixture is heated in a water bath and applied to dirty hair for 2-3 hours, then washed off with shampoo twice. Regular conduct of such procedures stimulates growth, nourishes the length and prevents the appearance of split ends.

An excellent effect can also be achieved when enriching industrial balms and masks. To do this, add 5-6 drops of almond oil to your favorite hair product, apply to freshly washed hair (only on the length, not on the roots) and hold for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. This method of application is very common among Italian women.

As a leave-in care for the tips, it is advisable to apply just a few drops to wet hair, then dry it with a hairdryer or naturally. This method prevents the appearance of cuts and promotes easier combing. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the hair will look dirty. No more than 2-3 drops are enough.

Nail care

Due to the high content of magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron, almond oil perfectly strengthens the nail plate, and linoleic acid helps moisturize the cuticle.

Before trimming manicure, it is recommended to make a nail bath. To do this, add half a teaspoon of oil to warm water, lower your hands for 5-7 minutes. In addition to steamed and moisturized cuticles, this procedure will help nourish and moisturize the skin of the hands.

For general strengthening, it is recommended to rub a few drops into each nail during minimal physical activity, such as watching TV. The soaking process will take no more than five minutes.

Anti-cellulite wrap

Almond oil is able to penetrate deep into the skin, thereby stimulating lymph and blood circulation. This is due to a fairly strong anti-cellulite effect. For greater impact, esters should be added.

To prepare the massage mixture you will need:

  • almond oil, 30 ml;
  • favorite essential oil (orange, geranium, rosemary, etc.), 4-5 drops;
  • food film.

The mixture is applied to problem areas, then it is necessary to wrap them with cellophane film. For a greater thermal effect, it is recommended to lie under the covers for 1 hour, then you can wash it off.

General health improvement

For medical reasons, only the highest grade oil is used.

It helps lower cholesterol levels, has a slight laxative effect, reduces stomach acidity, and has a slight anti-inflammatory effect.

It is also an effective remedy for the treatment of herpes. To do this, the oil must be applied with a cotton swab at least 5 times a day to the affected area.

Almond oil reveals its analgesic properties for problems with joints, bruises and sprains. It must be warmed up, applied to the affected area and, if possible, bandaged with an elastic bandage.

Due to its calming effect, it is excellent for…

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