Anatoly Kot told how he was almost beaten for his role in the series “Soldiers”

Popular film and television actor Anatoly Kot has played more than 90 roles. His filmography is very diverse from Prince Vladimir Drutsky in the film Anastasia Slutskaya to Captain Petrov in The Green Van.

But still, the roles of the military, police or NKV employees are offered to Anatoly more often, and more and more often these military men on the screen are not entirely positive, but rather absolutely negative characters.

For one of these military roles – the “special officer” Lieutenant Colonel Shkalina in the TV series “Soldiers”, the actor could once be seriously injured.

In Boris Korchevnikov’s TV show “The Fate of a Man,” Anatoly said that the series was filmed on the territory of an active military unit. And after the release of several episodes, the Cat and his friend left the site for a smoke break. At that moment, an ensign who served in this unit came out from around the corner and, at the sight of an actor in uniform, ran into him with his fists, with the phrase: “Are you the same beast in life?”

The actor was lucky and he managed to avoid serious injuries. But, despite the sincere anger of the viewer, the Cat considers this case a real recognition of his talent. After all, the person believed that not only on the screen, but also in life, the “lieutenant colonel” is not a very decent person.

And about the abundance of negative characters, the Cat says that someone should play them. And if he is good at them, then why not him.

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