Animal print 2020: how to combine

Animal print is a real hit of the 2020 season, so many fashionistas are urgently mastering a stylish novelty. Fortunately, all the tips for creating a successful image are already collected in this article!


Company with monochrome

The horse’s move of any fashionista is a combination of an active pattern with plain things. Putting this technique into practice is extremely simple. For example, you can combine a leopard print skirt with a beige turtleneck and black ankle boots. It’s even easier with a “zebra” – she will kindly make friends with laconic white or black things.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Stylists emphasize that monochromatic things in the image do not have to repeat one of the shades of the print. For example, a black and white motif can be combined with discreet deep shades – red or blue.[/stextbox]

Accessories to help

Combining a print with matching items is not the only possible solution for a stylish look. You can support the fashion motif with accessories. Moreover, they may not be monophonic, but also represent an animalistic motif.

the main role

Full-body is an image in which the print has a responsible main role. A classic example of such an outfit is a long flying dress with an animalistic motif in the company of neutral shoes and accessories.

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Art combination of prints

All fashionistas have already heard that in the 2020 season it is extremely fashionable to combine several prints in one look at once, but not everyone knows how to choose the right companions.

At fashion shows, the daring combination of leopard and tiger or zebra has been demonstrated more than once, and it is she who promises to be the most fashionable this year.

According to stylistic rules, a print from the animalistic group can be successfully combined with a floral, geometric motif or with its relative in a contrasting color. But, deciding on such a bold experiment, it is better to follow their unity. This quality can be manifested in one color or size of individual elements.

rock style

Recently, animal prints have become an integral part of rock culture in fashion. The most daring fashionistas who love to create daring looks mix these colors with leather jackets, ripped jeans, grunge elements and clothes with rock band symbols.

The company of an animalistic motif with leather clothes looks quite provocative and incredibly stylish. True, a certain level of courage is required from a fashionista to realize this idea.

With gold

If you want this pattern to reveal its nobility and elegance, try combining it with minimalist gold details.

Combination with flat shoes

To rid this category of prints of the association with vulgarity and vulgarity, include in your images not stilettos, but comfortable sneakers.

[stextbox id=’info’]This coloring always attracts attention, so it can be used to mask imperfections. Say, if a girl has wide hips, stylists will advise her to wear black trousers paired with an accent blouse.[/stextbox]

trend clothes

Animal print has shown itself most clearly in the fashionable clothes of the 2020 season. We offer to consider the most trendy new items and successful combinations with them.


The fashion of the 2020 season presented blouses with this motif in the title role in a great variety. As a rule, such models have a loose cut that works well with a more fitted bottom – for example, with trousers, skirts or jeans. A win-win move is choosing a solid neutral bottom that won’t compete for attention with an active print.


The unequivocal hit of 2020 is animal-colored trousers. This novelty can become the most seductive thing in your everyday wardrobe. Stylists suggest that if the style of trousers is narrow, it reveals itself best paired with a loose blouse and low-heeled shoes. Trendy wide-leg pants are fashionable to wear in the company of sneakers and sweatshirts.


Animal print on fashionable dresses in the 2020 season was successfully combined with a feminine flying cut, translucent or silk textures, romantic decor in the form of frills or ruffles. This design noticeably subdued the rapacity of the print and showed it in a completely new light. The most stylish bows with such dresses are paired with plain sandals or shoes with steady heels. If the style is loose enough, it can be combined with sneakers.


It is easy to spoil the reputation of an animalistic motif – for this it is worth embodying it on a cheap texture. But the combination with expensive cashmere or high-quality knitwear allows you to look at such things from a new angle. They no longer seem defiant, but conquer with their comfort and sophistication. The winning combinations are still the same, and they are obtained with plain clothes.

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Skirts of predatory colors are especially fond of fashionistas this season.


Outerwear in this color scheme looks more than self-sufficient. The designers decided that the animal print group is perfect for trench coats, fur coats and midi length coats. So they gave fashionistas non-trivial outerwear, which can be a stylish alternative to a bored houndstooth or check.

Raincoats in this color scheme have gained well-deserved popularity in record time, because they look great with any basic clothes and shoes (which means you don’t have to pick them up for a long time), and also bring images to a radically new stylish level.


Animal print took an active part in the design of shoes, and such models became the hot trend of the season. Stars and simple fashionistas love these couples because they effectively transform the usual combinations of clothes.

The most stylish interpretations of designers are Cossacks, rough boots, ankle boots and mules with animal motifs in various colors. In order not to “overdo it”, such shoes can always be combined with plain clothes or with versatile denim.


To create a fashionable image, you must certainly take into account the need for stylish accents. An accessory with a trendy animal motif can become such a cherry on the cake in a bow. The ideal option is a handbag, belt or silk scarf.

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Common Mistakes

Everyone talks about the wild popularity of animalistic themes, but not everyone mentions the capriciousness of this category of colors. In fact, when a fashionista is dealing with animal prints, she is teetering on the fine line between trendy and vulgar. In order to prevent outweighing to the second side, we advise you to avoid deliberately losing images.

  • Tight and short sleeveless clothes with such a pattern are almost always doomed to failure. The same leopard looks many times more relevant and restrained if…

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