Anion sanitary pads: what is it?

Our health and well-being have a huge impact on mood and performance. Of particular importance for the body is the hormonal background and its changes. Women are the most sensitive to such factors. Changes can be caused by malfunctions of the organs of the reproductive system, inflammation, and are accompanied by both painful sensations during menstruation and high sensitivity.

Today, anionic spacers are considered one of the key solutions to this problem. This is a relatively new invention of science and gynecology, which is based on the work of negative charge air microparticles. The main task of such a tool is the maximum antibacterial effect and the elimination of unpleasant odors. An equally important point – most of these pads are great for sensitive skin, because they do not cause irritation.

Components of Anion Gaskets

Any product for feminine hygiene must meet several requirements: sterility, ensure air penetration, protection against leakage, and be safe for microflora. It is believed that in addition to the listed items, products with anions have a preventive effect on various inflammatory processes in the female genital organs.

  1. All anion pads are made up of seven different layers that perform their respective function;
  2. Top Ball: Only 100% cotton is used here. The use of only natural raw materials does not cause irritation even with high sensitivity of the body. It is for this parameter that anion pads are recommended for women with high sensitivity and a tendency to inflammation.
  3. Anion insert, in the form of a chip. The main task of such a mechanism is the elimination of anaerobic bacteria. It is this function of the pads that is the prevention of inflammatory processes, as well as the worsening of existing problems in the body.
  4. The middle layers – 3 and 5 – are sterile absorbent material. It is made from cotton and does not leak.
  5. Between the middle layers is an absorbent, environmentally friendly polymer. It is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the pad and has absorbent properties.
  6. The outer layer is the last one. Its main task is to pass air and liquid. It is worth noting that due to the use of natural materials in the manufacture, pads are hypoallergenic and are recommended for women with high skin sensitivity.


Working principle of the anion chip

The principles of operation of the anionic system in the gasket involve the release of anion molecules. The cotton surface contains an anion chip that generates condensed anions. When exposed to physical processes, such particles eliminate unpleasant odors and also have an antibacterial effect. Thanks to such functions, anion pads have a preventive effect.

The main component of the chip is a tourmaline thread, and the principle of operation corresponds to the device of L. Chizhevsky. According to the works of the scientist, anions are produced and released under the influence of electricity. In anion pads, such particles work thanks to the tourmaline thread. In nature, tourmaline is a stone that consists of negatively charged particles. It is worth noting that anions are also released when exposed to water or heat. Thus, the tourmaline thread releases microparticles upon contact of the pad with the skin, as well as during various secretions.

The impact of anion pads on the body

Due to their charge, anions are able to influence the functioning of the body. According to one theory, a healthy cell has a negative charge, while a diseased cell has a positive one. It is due to mutual attraction that anions act on the affected cell, thereby eliminating the focus of the disease. Because the rate of anion propagation in a humid environment is much higher, it is the mucosal contact that has the greater effect.

Another feature of anions is their ability to accumulate and neutralize dust. Since the released microparticles can eliminate viruses and microbes, this prevents inflammatory reactions of the mucous membrane, and also eliminates unpleasant odors during menstruation. The impact of anions has a positive effect on tissues during inflammation, the processes of microcirculation and the pH level are restored.


It should be noted that the positive effect of such gaskets is also explained by the naturalness of the materials used, since their use does not create a greenhouse effect. Recommendations for use and storage. Anion pads are hypoallergenic and have a positive effect on the body.

There are a number of recommendations for the storage, as well as the use of such funds:

  • Store such hygiene products in a dry place; it is not recommended to use the bathroom for this.
  • You should not buy pads with smells, as this indicates the presence of chemical components.
  • Anion pads have an expiration date, after which it is not recommended to use them.
  • Do not use pads if they are damp

It is worth remembering that each organism is individual and when various skin reactions occur, purchased pads should not be used.

Modern manufacturers

Anion pads are a novelty for consumers, so the number of companies that produce them is small. We offer you to get acquainted with the characteristics of the most popular products: The Chinese corporation “Vinalight” is considered one of the first to start producing anionic gaskets. The company is represented by the Love Moon brand and offers a wide range of feminine hygiene products that have high-tech ionizers. Gaskets consist of seven layers. Due to the natural coating, the products let air through, there is no greenhouse effect. The absorbent layer consists of an effective absorbent material that prevents leakage.


Faberlik anion pads are no less popular now. In terms of their composition and principle of operation, they correspond to the above option, but are more affordable and do not differ from ordinary ones. There are three types of pads in the assortment: daily (length 155 mm), day (up to 240 mm) and night (up to 285 mm). Each pack contains 10 individually packed pieces. Natural materials are used for manufacturing, which makes them suitable for sensitive skin.

The Honey Moon Ozone&Anion brand is also one of the most popular among consumers. The average length is 24 cm and is leak-proof. Each pad has…

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