Anklets or anklets: trends 2021

The must-haves of this beach season are anklets, they are also fashion anklets 2021. This amazing accessory was at the peak of its popularity in the 2000s, and now it is back in fashion!

What questionnaires are in fashion 2021

The history of anklets is very rich: the first anklets were found during excavations of the tombs of the ancient Sumerians. They were also very common in Egypt: even in the images of the only female pharaoh Hatshepsut, such accessories were found. In the Ancient East, an anklet showed the high position of a woman in society.

The questionnaire is incredibly popular among oriental dancers. A thin chain called “payal” is usually worn, which also has a ring on the big toe. It may be adorned with miniature bells that make gentle, enticing sounds as they dance.

This spring-summer 2021 season, the questionnaires were included in their collections by several famous designers at once, such as Chloe, Chanel, Marc Jacobs.

Among the currently popular anklets, eyes run wide: here are jewelry made of precious metals, and leather models, and wooden, and even nylon. Among the more or less familiar models, profiles with pearls and shells stand out.

The most popular chain weaving this year is a snake. It goes well with stones and pendants. On the catwalk we can see such a fashionable image of a bracelet, complemented by Swarovski crystals. The original version is layering, a combination of 2-3 bracelets at the same time. But they must be made in the same style. For example, one with small stones, the second with thin pendants.

Speaking about the color of questionnaires, fashionable in 2021, it is worth mentioning the delicate shades of purple, lilac, pink. Natural pearls will look great with azure and turquoise stones.

How to wear an anklet correctly in 2021

If in the 2000s, questionnaires could only be seen in combination with weightless sandals or sandals, now the picture has changed dramatically. Designers offer not to be limited to the usual options and boldly combine anklets with sneakers, sneakers or clogs.

  • A leather accessory, a thin chain, wide anklets are best suited for a sporty look. They can be used as daily decorations for walking around the city or going to a cafe.

  • Golden anklets are best left for special occasions. And in general, it is better for young girls to refuse them. But on established ladies, this jewelry will look luxurious paired with classic pumps or strict ballet flats. Wear it with a red dress to a secular party – and all eyes will be on you!

  • Options using such “marine” elements as shells, pearls and stones are left for beach fashion or ethnic style outfits.

The choice of clothes that can be safely combined with anklets is even wider: skirts (both mini and maxi lengths), shorts or your favorite cropped jeans will do. The only thing to avoid is business suits. Yes, and in the office, the questionnaire will look at least strange. And in the worst case, this sexy accessory can be considered a violation of corporate etiquette. If you still want to show off your unique jewelry to your colleagues, then put it on a corporate party in combination with high-heeled shoes.

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The main rule for wearing questionnaires is a flawless pedicure! Well-groomed skin and preferably a bright color of nails – that’s what you need. Remember that an anklet immediately draws attention to your ankles, so make sure your ankles always look perfect.

Never wear this accessory over tights or stockings: such an image will seem vulgar and rude.

How to choose a questionnaire

When buying an anklet, consider not only fashion trends and the style of clothing that you prefer, but also the thickness of your ankle. On a thin leg, wide metal anklets will look great. And if you need to visually reduce the volume, a thin model with hanging details in the form of drops or miniature balls will do.

In order for the anklet to be comfortable, its length should decrease by about a centimeter more than the volume of the ankle. In no case should the accessory fit snugly and squeeze the skin. Wearing the questionnaire incorrectly, you not only spoil the appearance: this stylish decoration can even disrupt the blood supply to the limbs and lead to varicose veins.

Which leg to wear the bracelet on

Few people now think about the question on which leg to wear a fashionable bracelet – on which one it is convenient, they wear it on that one. But initially the choice of foot had a sacred meaning. Just like an engagement ring, it was a gift from a lover to his future wife and was always worn on the right foot.

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By the way, in India it is still used as one of the essential attributes in a wedding look. Married women wear it on the right leg, and the profile on the left will indicate the girl’s easy behavior. But in Nepal there is another unusual tradition: they wear bracelets on both legs at once. However, now fashionable leg bracelets 2021, the photos of which are offered in this article, can be worn on the leg that is comfortable for you personally.

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