Anti-cellulite brush massage at home

Every girl, woman wants to look 100%. How do you want to always be slim and beautiful. But, alas, it does not always work out the way you want. And today we will talk about the problem of cellulite. Almost all women face this problem. There is one false claim that “orange peel” only appears on the legs. This is not true, cellulite can develop on the arms, back, shoulders and abdomen. How to deal with it? Before answering this question, let’s understand what cellulite is.

Cellulite, or in other words “orange peel” – a change in the composition of adipose tissue of the skin of the body. That is, the circulation of fluid in the tissues is disturbed, and fat accumulates in the body. Cellulite is not only a cosmetic problem, but also a medical problem. Indeed, in the body due to the accumulation of fat, the blood supply to cells is disrupted. Therefore, oxygen and various nutrients do not enter the cells. As a rule, “orange peel” (as everyone used to think) appears on the buds, buttocks and stomach.

To date, many methods and tools have been invented to help fight cellulite: oils, massages, body wraps, diets and many others.

What happens to fat during anti-cellulite massage? When the “orange peel” areas are rubbed and kneaded, the muscles of the body warm up, and the blood throughout the body begins to circulate faster. In this case, oxygen enters the cells and flushes out toxins from them. During massage (manual or with a brush), fat is absorbed from adipose tissues, and gradually excreted from the body. The cells seem to wake up from sleep, the metabolism in the body revives, and the skin again acquires a unique beautiful and well-groomed appearance.

The methods of dealing with the “orange peel” are so great that you can use both a regular massage at home and use new medical and cosmetic techniques in beauty salons. Although new methods give a more noticeable positive result. New effective methods for the fight against cellulite include massage with a special brush.


Recommendations and rules

Anti-cellulite massage with a brush is quite feasible at home, the main thing is to follow certain recommendations:

  • Massage movements should coincide with the flow of lymph. Massage of the abdomen is done around the navel, massage of the back and shoulders – along from the spine to the stomach parallel to the waist, massage of the legs – from top to bottom.
  • Massage on the inner thighs and abdomen is less intense than on other parts of the body to avoid damage to blood vessels and internal organs.
  • It is forbidden to massage with varicose veins of the legs.
  • The most important thing with anti-cellulite massage is regularity. Following the schedule, the result will be positive.
  • When massaging, you need to drink plenty of water, about one and a half or two liters of water per day.

When starting a massage at home, you should familiarize yourself with some rules that will help make this massage more effective:

  • Brush massage is best done in the evening after a hard day before going to bed. And on weekends, the procedure can be rescheduled the next morning.
  • The first massage courses should be done with a brush with soft bristles, and gradually move on to hard bristles.
  • It is not recommended to massage on damaged areas of the body, it is worth postponing this procedure until the skin of the body is completely healed.
  • Massage is done only on dry skin of the body.
  • Anti-cellulite massage should be done on relaxed muscles of the body.
  • Make sure the brush is dry. Anti-cellulite massage is done with a dry brush on a dry body.
  • You can use vibration massagers for massage instead of a manual brush, but the result will be less effective.

Massage with a special anti-cellulite brush

So, where to start anti-cellulite massage? Of course, with the purchase of an anti-cellulite brush.

An anti-cellulite brush can be bought at any pharmacy or cosmetic store. When buying a brush, you need to pay attention to the base – the bristles of the brush. The bristles should be made of natural material, and the handle should be long and comfortable for massage in difficult places. How hard the bristles should be, you choose. But it is recommended to start the massage with soft bristles so that the skin gets used to it, and then move on to a stiffer one. Periodically, the brush must be washed with soap and dried thoroughly.


To avoid stretch marks on the body, do not massage after taking a shower or bath. Let’s repeat one of the rules: massage is done on a dry surface with a dry brush. And during the massage, which is important, it is necessary to alternate movements in the massage – circular and straight.

For anti-cellulite massage, you should take a comfortable position. In this case, one leg should be slightly higher than the other. To feel more comfortable and convenient, it is recommended to use a footrest, which is a small stool.

Massage should start from the foot, massage from the tips of the toes to the heel, while slowly moving up to the buttocks. Massage movements should be alternated, first circular, and then parallel to the lines of the muscles. When doing anti-cellulite massage and wanting to achieve a positive result, it is worth throwing laziness aside and doing massage movements in areas with “orange peel” several times.

Hands are massaged from palms to armpits. It is not recommended to change the direction of the massage. The back should be massaged along the entire length with sliding movements, and the stomach with circular movements around the navel.

The very procedure of anti-cellulite massage takes only 3-5 minutes. Do not need anymore. If you get carried away with massage, the skin will turn red, and irritation may appear in some areas. In this delicate matter, it is not the duration of the procedure itself that is important, but the regularity. After all, you need to treat the skin with care, noticing redness on the skin, you need to move to another problem area of ​​the body. It is not recommended to do the anti-cellulite massage procedure on damaged skin. If you notice bruises, unhealed wounds, scratches on your body, you need to postpone the procedure until the damage is completely healed.

Also, anti-cellulite massage can be done with a brush with massage fingers. On sale you can find special massage brushes with double-sided bases: on the one hand – bristles, on the other – fingers.


By regularly applying anti-cellulite massage, you can achieve many positive results that will be beneficial for the human body. Anti-cellulite massage with a brush helps:

  • Activate the process of nutrition and renewal between cells and intercellular fluid in the body.
  • Keep the muscles of the body in good shape.
  • Significantly improve…

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