Anti-trends of winter 2022-2023, which we constantly meet in stores

Antitrends 2023 from our selection are insidious in that they are regularly found in the assortment of stores. Carefully study the list so as not to accidentally send items that have lost their relevance to the winter 2022-2023 shopping list.


We will not destroy the sacred fact that a turtleneck belongs to an unshakable basic wardrobe, but we will warn you against buying an outdated model. In the mass market, it is easy to stumble upon a badlon with a high, tight neck and a snug fit.

No matter how attractive the discount is, pass by – to modern turtleneck models that leave air between the body and the fabric.


A round snood scarf is found not only in children’s, but also in women’s collections. But stylists warn: such a model of a winter accessory is hopelessly outdated and is not able to fit into a fashionable and modern look.

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If you are looking for an alternative for a cozy and warm snood, look for a straight and wide scarf that is easy to wrap around the neck and leave a long flowing edge. This is a real must-have for winter 2023, which boasts excellent compatibility and gives the images a stylistic completeness.

Puffy down jacket with belt

The rating of anti-trend down jackets includes an inflated model with a belt at the waist, which flickers with enviable regularity in the assortment of stores. A hint of oversize gives hope for the relevance of such a jacket, but the stylists are inexorable: the emphasis on the waist on the bologna down jacket is no longer in trend.

If you are planning to pick up a fashionable down jacket that will be in trend for a record time, bet on a classic straight cut – the fashion of winter 2022-2023 approves of this decision.

Sweater dress

The tight and short fit equates the sweater dress to the offensive category of anti-trends.

But cozy knitted outfits with an elongated and straight cut plan to stay on the list of winter trends for a long time. Stylists approve of the trend: modern models are easier to combine, they are more comfortable and cozy.

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Jeans Mom

In the anti-trends of 2023, stylists also include jeans with a Mom fit – what a surprise! At some point, this style became too much, and it became irrelevant.

Another obvious anti-trend in the world of jeans is a shortened model. These denim trousers look outdated and spoil the figure: we say goodbye without regrets.

Stylists do not recommend wearing skinny in the winter of 2022 either – a tight-fitting cut looks obsolete, and is difficult in actual combinations.

Fashion trends for women’s clothing for the winter of 2023 favor the choice of straight jeans and models with wide legs and classic length.

Sports suit

Such a practical and indispensable tracksuit made of hoodies and joggers is temporarily leaving the fashion arena, giving way to more elegant knitwear sets as a trend. The style of sports has not disappeared, it just returned “to its homeland” – in images for travel, summer cottages and at home. In urban outfits, tracksuits no longer have a place.

Leather leggings

Leather leggings in modern mass-market collections are a controversial thing. One wrong move, and the image will turn out to be irrelevant. We are talking about outdated combinations with shortened, adjacent or decorated lace / rhinestones / stripes on top – they are no longer worn like that.

In a stylish look for winter 2022-2023, a duet of leather leggings with a discreet oversized top is appropriate. But in any case, leather pants with a straight or loose fit are a much more accurate hit in the winter 2022-2023 trends.

Natural fur

Most brands are moving away from natural fur. Alternative eco-material is cheaper, looks stylish and does not harm nature.

We have exposed the key anti-trends of winter 2023 that continue to be found in stores. But now you will not be fooled – even under the pretext of a new collection, you can easily figure out clothes that have lost their relevance. Bravo!

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