Anti-trends or crimes against fashion in 2019!

With the onset of the new season, every fashionista thinks about updating her wardrobe, in this case it is important to take into account not only fashion trends, but also pay attention to anti-trends in 2019 clothing. Before you go shopping, it is important to understand what to give up in order to make the right choice and buy really fashionable things.


The most common reason why things that were worn by all the most fashionable celebrities last season are becoming anti-trends today is that they are simply boring. Perhaps, in a few years, clothes that are unpopular today will become fashionable again and will appear on the covers of the most fashionable magazines.

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The main anti-trends of the spring-summer 2019 season include:

  • floral embroidery;
  • ripped jeans;
  • bomber;
  • maxi skirt;
  • choker;
  • fishnet tights;
  • pajama style;
  • holographic;
  • platform shoes.

Floral embroidery

One of the main anti-trends in spring-summer clothes is floral embroidery. Despite the fact that in past seasons, ethnic motifs and rich embroidery were considered quite fashionable and were present almost everywhere, now this trend has become boring.

Floral embroidery has experienced the peak of popularity

Last spring, designers applied embroidery to shirts, dresses, trousers, and even outerwear. In 2019, we decided that it was time to stop there, since most of the things do not need such a decorative decoration.

[stextbox id=’info’]It is recommended to replace such colorful embroidery with simple concise things that will be a great addition to any look.[/stextbox]

“Ripped Jeans”

As soon as jeans have not been “mocked” over the past few seasons: holes in the knees, asymmetrical cuts and, sometimes, holes instead of the jeans themselves. It seems that one of the most durable materials was torn as soon as they could.

Big holes in denim are a thing of the past a few seasons ago.

Designers are tired of coming up with new torments for jeans. Therefore, now more and more often opening photos of anti-trends in clothes on the Internet, you can see torn denim.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Now it is recommended to choose plain jeans, without any scuffs and holes. The only thing that is allowed is a torn bottom.[/stextbox]

A fashionable alternative to holes in jeans – the raw edge of the product

Fashionistas this season choose straight or slightly flared jeans. But, as for the style, the choice is exclusively individual, because the main thing is that they fit well.


Initially, the bomber jacket was created exclusively as an item of men’s wardrobe, but over time it penetrated into the women’s wardrobe, and for several seasons it was a really trendy thing.

Bombers should be put away

However, already in the spring of 2019, the bomber jacket is losing its popularity, so it should be replaced with a leather jacket or a classic trench coat, which always remain relevant. It has become the anti-trend of 2019 not only in men’s clothing, but it should also be excluded from the women’s wardrobe.

The classic trench coat is the best off-season outfit

Maxi skirt

The last few summer seasons, maxi-length skirts have been especially popular among women’s trends. This is quite justified: they are made of light, airy fabric, which perfectly saves from the sun in the heat. However, in the spring and summer of 2019, they became an anti-trend, so it’s better to forget about maxi skirts and replace them with midi lengths or models just below the knee.

Fashionistas have not worn maxi for several years in a row

Skirt styles can be different: a-line, pleated, with a smell. In fashion – models with fringe, sequins and flounces.

If you don’t like minis, buy a midi!

Platform shoes

Most girls have several pairs of platform shoes in their wardrobe. This season it is worth abandoning such models. A modern girl should choose femininity, comfort and elegance. Therefore, it is recommended to hide this anti-trend and purchase classic pumps in beige or black – they will be a great addition to the basic wardrobe.

The platform is unacceptable in any form


One of the main trends of last spring was definitely the style of the 90s, and its main attributes were jeans, slip dresses and chokers.

For a short time, chokers were held in high esteem by fashionistas.

In the spring of 2019, necklaces of this type are on the list of anti-trends, so you should replace them with pendants or chains. Jewelry can be both catchy and very simple – from a thin chain with a small pendant to a multi-textured composition of several jewelry.

An elegant thin chain is a hit this summer!

[stextbox id=’info’]For those who still want to complement the image with a choker, you should pay attention to the new spring collection from Kenzo.[/stextbox]

Fishnet tights

In the spring and summer of last year, on social networks, you could see a lot of photos where fashionistas put on fishnet tights under jeans. A rather dubious trend, since not everyone will like such a fashion trend, it looks rather defiant and ambiguous.

Double crime against fashion!

In the spring and summer of 2019, you should not combine jeans with similar tights. It is recommended to wear these two things separately from each other, and choose tights not in a mesh, but dark or beige. Matte dark tights will perfectly complement the look in casual or business style. More extravagant women of fashion can wear colored tights.

pajama style

In the spring of 2019, pajamas are returning to where they belong – in the bedroom. This season they will be replaced by plaid suits.

Silk pajamas delighted women with their convenience for just a year

This does not mean that you have to say goodbye to a simple and relaxed way. At the moment, a suit is not an attribute of office style at all. There are many models of free tailoring, oversized, bright colors that can be combined not only with pumps, but also with sneakers or sneakers. Choose pleated trousers that can be paired with chiffon shirts or jackets. The image should be simple and moderately relaxed, but not so much as if you just woke up and went out in pajamas.

Want simplicity and convenience? Choose a cell


More recently, holographics could be seen everywhere: from manicure on nails to shoes. There was so much of this iridescent overflow in one period that it is time to abandon it.

And even holographic clutches now do not decorate images

Silver, gold or simply lacquered “coating” is still in vogue and will be popular next fall. It is recommended to abandon boring holographic accessories in the form of bags and backpacks. You can replace them with wicker bags. And outerwear with a holographic coating should be replaced with a PVC raincoat or varnish. Besides the fact that such raincoats are fashionable, they are also quite practical due to the waterproof fabric.

Knee-length skirts with front buttons

Hugely popular with girls…

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