Anti-wrinkle eye masks

What causes wrinkles? Dear women, do you know that due to the delicate structure of the skin on the eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes can appear as early as 25 years old, and by the age of 40 fading begins? This happens mainly from the negative impact of the environment – sudden temperature changes in the off-season, air pollution in cities, nervous shocks, etc.

There are many ways to help protect against aging. Among them, a special place is occupied by:

  • food enriched with vitamins A, C, E;
  • properly selected cosmetics;
  • walks in the open air;
  • observance of the daily routine.

But in this article we will talk about masks that provide our eyes with protection from harmful factors.

What is an eye mask and what does it give a woman?

The mask is considered one of the main eyelid care products. Apply this procedure a couple of times a week, both in order to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles, and in order to smooth mimic wrinkles. If you are over 30 years old, then it will be useful to apply a light massage in combination with a mask.

The procedure itself consists in applying a nourishing mixture to the eyelids of closed eyes, which is aged for some time and restores beauty and youth to fading skin, and gives young women a cheerful and fresh look.

In order to achieve the desired result, you can use both finished products from manufacturers of cosmetics, and lotions and compresses made from improvised materials. We will talk in more detail about common recipes for self-preparation and the use of such compounds.

Anti wrinkle masks

The appearance of premature wrinkles will prevent a compress of olive oil and a light massage of the eyelids with an ice cube of parsley decoction.

To prevent the formation of so-called “crow’s feet”, an excellent recipe is offered – add two to three drops of fresh lemon juice to olive oil and carefully rub the eyelids with this composition. After 10 minutes, excess oil is removed with a napkin.

Masks of berries and fruits will help restore skin elasticity. A strawberry mask (2-3 mashed berries are mixed with 1 tsp of thin honey) will not only nourish, but also smooth the skin of the eyelids. The mixture is wrapped in gauze and kept in front of the eyes for 20 minutes, and then the skin is wiped with a soft swab, which is recommended to be moistened with milk.

The effect of rejuvenation will give the skin a mask made from mashed ripe banana, sour cream and any vegetable oil, mixed in equal proportions. It is applied to the lower eyelids and aged for a little less than half an hour, and then washed off with water. In this case, the water should not be hot.

Masks for smoothing wrinkles on the eyelids

If you have age wrinkles, a mask of crushed parsley mixed with sour cream in a 1: 2 ratio will help out, which is applied to the eyelids and held, covering with wet cotton pads. Just as useful and easy to make is a bread mask made from white bread soaked in milk, which is placed on the lower eyelid. At the end of the procedure, everything is washed off with warm water, and a nourishing cream is applied to the eyelids.

A protein mask is used to tighten the skin of the eyelids. Beat the protein of one egg and add flour and liquid honey to it – one tablespoon each. The mass obtained after mixing is applied to the area around the eyes. After a short exposure, the mask is washed off with water.

The retention period on the eyelids of the above compounds does not exceed a quarter of an hour, so the procedure will not take you much time.

You can prepare a mask from crushed and squeezed spinach leaves mixed with the same amount of eye cream, but this mask is applied for 30 minutes, after which it is removed with a swab previously moistened with boiled cold milk.

Masks for age wrinkles on the eyelids

Honey has many useful properties, including helping to get rid of “adult” wrinkles. It is often used if there is dry or loose skin around the eyes. True, the effect is not immediately visible, but after several procedures.

To prepare the mask, boil 1 medium-sized onion along with a small amount of mint, sage, nettle herbs, taken in different proportions. After cooling, the mixture is rubbed with 1 teaspoon of honey and kept on the lower eyelids for 10 minutes.

Another interesting and simple recipe: mix honey, strong tea and oatmeal (one part of tea is taken for two parts of honey and flakes), add a little water and heat in a steam bath until the flakes are steamed. The finished mixture is applied to the area around the eyes and, after 20 minutes, washed off with contrast water, starting with warm.

What should be kept in mind when applying eye masks?

All masks are applied only to clean skin. Of course, the remnants of makeup are removed from it first with the help of special tools.

If the mask accidentally gets into the eyes, they are washed with warm water, but never rub the skin of the eyelids, but wash it with care. The corners of the eyes, where dirt accumulates, are washed with special care.

Those who are prone to various kinds of allergies should be careful to use products and herbs in masks, which include components from the risk group.

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle will always help to improve the effect of using a mask.

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