Antitrends 2021: what things are out of fashion

To be stylish means not only to follow fashion trends, but also to rid your wardrobe of things that are already considered anti-trends in the current 2021. The clothes and accessories that will be discussed were once worn by almost every girl she met. But now these things have moved from the category of fashionable ones to the category of those that are better to forget about – maybe forever, or maybe only for a few years.

What things are no longer fashionable to wear in 2021

We have made this selection of anti-trends so that every girl who meets her will review her wardrobe and learn how to look fashionable in any situation. You should start with clothes that have lost their former popularity.

Coat with bright print. Picturesque drawings on the coat definitely attract attention, but in the new season it is better to do without them. You will look much more stylish if you wear a plain, classic no-frills coat.

Fur vests and other clothes with natural fur. Although fur vests went out of fashion long before 2021, we dare to remind you of this again. Today, environmental friendliness and the fight to save animals are in fashion, so buy things with piece fur to support the development of this trend.

Leather leggings. This thing in past seasons confidently walked along with a fur vest, and they also disappeared into oblivion together. But, if you really love things made of leather, then buy an alternative option – loose leather trousers.

Sweaters with large holes. Firstly, such a thing is impractical, because it will not save in the cold season. Secondly, she lost her former attractiveness, and was supplanted by warm knit sweaters, as well as oversized ones.

Long cardigans. If you have a floor-length cardigan or midi, then it is better to leave them as clothes for the house, because they are outdated. Now shortened models of cardigans are considered more stylish – both loose and fitted.

Nude tights. Designers have long been trying to convince everyone that nude tights have become obsolete and make their appearance cheaper. In 2021, it is better to choose black or multi-colored models of tights.

Combination of denim trousers with high boots. This rule does not apply except for black jeans. Pants of any other color, tucked into boots, visually make the legs shorter and fuller. Short boots are best for jeans, and boots are best left for a skirt.

Unfashionable shoes in 2021

It is worth talking about anti-trends in shoes in 2021 separately. Let’s take a look at what shoes should be left unattended in the new season, and what is the best way to replace them.

  • Boots with high and thin heels. If you really want winter shoes with heels, then it is better to think about safety and choose more stable options.

  • Uggs. These shoes can be found on the feet of girls today, although they have gone out of fashion for a very long time. Leave this option for trips to the country, and for the city it is better to choose more stylish models.

  • Oversized sports sneakers. Undoubtedly, this shoe option is quite comfortable, but its appearance has lost its former attractiveness.

  • Round toe shoes. Whether it is boots, shoes, boots or flats, round toe should be avoided. Now the trend is pointed and square socks.

  • Ankle-height boot models. Shoes with such a height are no longer fashionable to wear, but they were replaced by a height up to the lower third of the lower leg.

So, to sum up what has been said, then in 2021 it is better to choose shoes with a pointed or square toe, with a wide, stable heel, and also without unnecessary details and folds.

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Accessories from the category of anti-trends 2021

Accessories are designed to complement the image, dilute it and attract attention. But, you need to choose them very carefully so as not to stumble upon the anti-trends of 2021 among accessories. These include:

  • Small backpacks. These models disappeared very abruptly from the collections of famous designers, and they were replaced by luxurious handbags. But, if a backpack is an indispensable thing for you, then give preference to modern, larger models.

  • Glasses with a mirror effect. They were replaced by more practical models that have glasses in universal colors.

  • pearl barrettes. Once they were at the peak of popularity, and, perhaps, because of this, everyone was tired. In the new season, you can safely buy accessories that imitate marine treasures.

  • Belt bag. As soon as this bag appeared in the collections of fashion designers, the girls rushed to buy it for themselves. Now interest in such bags has faded, and a microbag has become an alternative.
  • Transparent bags. They were fashionable for a long time, but they never differed in practicality, because all their contents were in plain sight. Wicker basket bags are a worthy replacement, which is promised great popularity.

A ridiculous accessory can spoil the whole look, even a carefully thought out one, so be responsible in choosing the details that complement your appearance.

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And what anti-trend are you ready to part with calmly?

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Fashion is very unpredictable. This is even evidenced by the fact that often things that everyone has already forgotten seem to get a new life. We tried to give comprehensive information about what women’s clothing, shoes and accessories are considered anti-trends in 2021. But do not rush to throw these things away! It is better to put them in a distant closet, because in a couple of years they can be reborn again.

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