Antitrends 2023: you need to know in person

In this article, we will declassify the main anti-trends of the 2023 season, which will not allow you to choose stylistically outdated items. We study and remember!


Peplum on clothes has finally lost its position in the fashion world. This design technique was instructed to accentuate the waist, but today the cut of clothes with neat darts, the wrap style or the classic leather belt cope with the task. The stylists’ verdict is as follows: we put dresses, skirts and coats with a peplum on the far shelf of the closet in the hope of the cyclical nature of women’s fashion, or we say goodbye with ease.

Printed leather jacket

Leather clothing is a real hit of the 2023 season, which has won many fans. But stylists warn: some positions from this texture are out of fashion. An illustrative example of an anti-trend is a leather jacket with bright and cartoon prints. Lettering on the back and shiny decor are also not welcomed by the fashion trends of the 2023 season.

Modern fashion is characterized by a focus on minimalism. A clean design and a relaxed, semi-loose fit are important guides when choosing a leather jacket for today. In fashion and retro fading, giving out a vintage-style leather jacket. Long-term clothing design is a more practical solution than fleeting trends.

Leather leggings

Leather leggings are no longer in fashion. It is easy to say goodbye to such a model, because the tight-fitting cut emphasized the slightest nuances of the figure.

A fashionable alternative for leggings will be straight and wide leather trousers in the current styles of the 2023 season – pipes, bananas, palazzo, a variation with tucks and a high fit.

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Sweater dress

The list of anti-trends in clothes 2023 has been replenished with a sweater dress with a large knit. You can say goodbye to such a thing without regret, because the accent patterns on knitwear insidiously added volume to the figure.

It is not necessary to completely abandon knitted dresses in the 2023 season, because elegant models with concise ribbed knitting are in trend. A win-win choice is a relaxed cut with a hint of oversized midi length. If the basic model does not interest you, take a look at the stylish novelties with an asymmetric cut.


The anti-trends of the 2023 season in the footwear category overshadowed provocative models with a high platform and stiletto heels.

Today, the priority is comfortable and elegant models with a stable heel of a comfortable length. The massive platform is also with us, but in a new interpretation – in the design of sneakers, rough boots and Chelsea.

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Solid clutch

A clear anti-trend in the world of accessories for the 2023 season is a solid clutch that keeps its shape. Such a detail conservatively fit into everyday and evening outfits, but today it’s time to give way to the favorite.

To be on trend, take a closer look at the soft, flowing forms of clutches. Such accessories look modern and have a wide range of fashionable combinations.

A win-win approach when choosing accessories is a reference point for minimalist execution. Designers love practical and concise models that look stylish and fit easily into any outfit.

The main trend of evening fashion in 2023 is the enchanting shiny clutch, which becomes a dazzling accent of the look for a special occasion.

Jacket with short sleeves

The jacket has long gone beyond the business dress code and has become an indispensable thing in the basic wardrobe. In order for the chosen model to serve faithfully for many years, it is worth choosing a concise and modern design. The outdated model of a jacket with short sleeves does not meet such criteria.

When choosing, stylists recommend betting on the option with a straight elongated cut and a classic sleeve – this is the model that will take its rightful place in a casual and business capsule.

We talked about the main anti-trends of 2023, which you can say goodbye to without regret, freeing up space in the closet for stylish new products. If you really like any element, forget about the status of an anti-trend – the main thing is an individual approach in fashion.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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