Antitrends in clothes 2019

The anti-trends of 2019 are those things or combinations in clothes that are morally obsolete and boring. It could have been the most popular and beloved last year, but this season it is worth meticulously reviewing your wardrobe and definitely not buying this.


NOT fashion trends 2019

Considering what fashion designers offer for the spring-summer of this year, you can see that naturalness, femininity and slight negligence are in fashion. Asymmetrical hemlines, loose fit and bright colors. Therefore, to be truly fashionable and stylish, give up:

  • too tight – this applies not only to knitted dresses, in which girls used to “tighten” everything, from neck to hips, but also to other things. Jackets, blouses, T-shirts “in a slip” – everything should be abandoned. And what to replace? Freer things. And not necessarily it should not be accepted by all oversize;

  • a slightly overlapping trend with the previous one: it is worth abandoning overall form-fitting silhouette. In the image, one thing can be tight-fitting – for example, skinny, but the other must be voluminous or loose – add an oversized sweater to the skinny. And vice versa, if a turtleneck is on top, then a puffy skirt or loose wide trousers are underneath;

  • embroidery – until recently there was a real boom in things with embroidery. “Embroidered” on dresses, jeans and even coats. But already fed up. If you want an intriguing and bright one, it is better to replace it with a rich cellular print, metallic, bright shades of the fabric itself or interesting styles;

  • bare ankles on cold days. Cropped trousers and pants remain in trend, but stop freezing your legs. When it’s not so warm outside, feel free to put on socks. Even under the shortened bottom;

  • spikes – it was a powerful moment. Spikes on shoes, on bags, on the shoulders of jackets, but that’s enough, it’s boring;
  • logomania – yes, some designers at the 2019 shows dressed up many models in things with huge logos, but still it’s worth being more modest and not wearing different things with logos together;
  • black total bow. Total bows are in fashion, but fashionable colors are coral, beige, burgundy and others;

Coral is the color of 2019

  • completeness: no sets, such as a hat-scarf-gloves of the same color and knitting, necklaces and earrings, the same print or decor on different things. It’s also time to avoid the bag and shoes set;
  • collar collar. It is better not to wear a dress, a sweater, or a tunic with a collar. Choose a stand-up collar like a turtleneck. You can straighten it along its entire length, tuck your hair under it or fold it beautifully into a “tube”.

Turtlenecks in fashion

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Different fabrics, textures, colors and strange new combinations – boldly combine, create multi-layered looks and be a little casually natural at the same time. And you’ll be right on target.[/stextbox]

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What not to wear in 2019

Fashionable girls and fashion-conscious women are always aware of fashion trends. But often, when buying and wearing interesting things, they do not notice that they are already outdated. We do not urge you to throw away your favorite clothes, but we recommend temporarily putting them in the far corner of the closet.


Spring is the time to take off warm outerwear and put on light coats, jackets, cardigans. Should be avoided:

  • short coat. Any cropped coats, tight-fitting styles, with a high waist and fly-away collars are strictly anti-trends. We choose oversized, military, midi or maxi coats, classic silhouettes, belts and trench coats;
  • cardigan or coat style “Waterfall”. It seems that this loose fit and such an asymmetrical edge directly support the 2019-2020 fashion motto – negligence and asymmetry, but now the most fashionable coats and cardigans are the classic cut. But if you want something completely unique, you can look after oversized knitted cardigans with voluminous sleeves or intriguing cape coats, ponchos.

Standard pantsuit

This outfit will never go out of style, because it is practical and versatile. But, if you are still wearing a classic suit with classic trousers with ruffles and a simple blouse, and still maintaining dark-dumb-gray tones – it’s time to end this. You need to add something bright and original to the costume.

It could be:

  • a brooch in a fashionable place – on the shoulder or lapel of a jacket, on a shirt with a clasp, on cuffs;
  • a jacket or jacket in a fashionable cut, bright color or fashionable print;
  • cape jacket (with slits for arms);
  • bright blouse;
  • fashionable trousers – with a slight flare, with a high waist, wide or cropped.

Tight sweater, sweater dress

We refuse tight short and long sweaters and sweater-dresses of mini and midi length – now oversized and free style are in vogue. If you want to show a good waist and hips, you can use a belt or, in a very fashionable way, casually tuck a sweater into jeans in front. And if you can’t do without a covered top, choose a turtleneck. You can even wear them to the office.

Separately, it is necessary to be horrified by the elastic band on the bottom of such products. There is also a knitted dress “Skif” – a sweater with a barrel, emphasized by this wide elastic band. Put aside.

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Examples of anti-trends in 2019

In fashionable clothes for spring and summer, a lot has changed. You should already now be able to review your wardrobe for inconsistencies.

Shirts, blouses

Here the antitrends will be:

  • fitted short shirts with short sleeves. We replace them with a free cut, elongated models with long sleeves. At the same time, the sleeves can be rolled up, and the shirt can be girded with a strap;
  • jumper with shirt imitation.

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Pants, trousers, jeans

Many girls wear pants with pleasure, it is comfortable, fashionable and practical. But there are new rules here too:

  • if you haven’t already combined sports trousers (and pants with stripes) with stilettos, it’s time to do it. Sport-chic style can be created with other things;
  • pants with stripes are on the brink of collapse. You should not wear tight trousers with stripes, it is no longer fashionable, but straight or loose-fitting trousers can still be safely worn. But we do not recommend buying such a new thing;

  • none long jeans – “accordion” near the shoes has long gone out of fashion;
  • any decor on the bottom of the trousers – also an anti-trend;
  • many stylists point out that refuel skinny in boots is already an outdated trend. It still looks elegant though. It’s worth refueling only free-cut pants and boyfriends in pipe boots, Cossacks and other stylish shoes that are fashionable in 2019;

Boyfriend jeans are also worn over boots

  • fashionable earlier colored skinny should also be worn smaller. Choose better loose-fitting pants. Bright and rich colors, intriguing prints – just right.

Skirts and dresses

  • short skirt or dress sunflare, or knee-length – especially from dense material (neoprene, for example) have long been unfashionable. At the same time, aliexpress and other mass sites are still inundated …

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