Antitrends in clothes – summer 2019

When choosing stylish things for the summer of 2019, you should know not only the basic rules of compatibility, but also the main anti-trends in clothing. If you are still in doubt about how to choose the right things and combine them with each other, let’s take a look at the main anti-rules together.


The main anti-trends of this season

Going shopping, categorically do not choose the following things:

  • Pants with stripes were popular a few seasons ago. Many fashionistas liked them, as strictly vertical lines on the sides visually stretched the figure, made the image slimmer and neater. Today, this trend is no longer relevant, it is being replaced by comfortable denim boyfriend jeans, semi-loose classic trousers with slits at the seams, stylish palazzos or culottes, trouser suits in rich, bright colors.

Fashionable summer 2019 boyfriend jeans

Bright trendy classic suits

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  • Plastic shoes and ankle boots, which many fashionistas wore at the suggestion of such eminent stars as, for example, Kim Kardashian, are gradually leaving fashion shows. This does not mean that a raincoat, bag, accessories or clothing inserts cannot be made of transparent plastic, but stilettos or boots made of this material look, frankly, strange. If this trend is gradually forgotten, do not lose heart – choose comfortable sneakers or sneakers, elegant and feminine mules, open sandals for the beach or shoes with stable asymmetrical heels.

  • Platform shoes in 2019 also look old-fashioned and out of date. This trend in summer clothes is preferred by short girls who go to parties, meetings or dates. But you should not stop at this option, since it is rather unstable, the leg in it quickly gets tired. Also, the asymmetrical sole visually spoils the image, does not create a single laconic bow. You should pay attention to elegant studs with thin soles, and for cool weather, you need to choose fashionable Cossack shoes with small but stable and beautiful heels.

The platform is no longer in vogue

  • Knee length or slightly higher is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Such a style illogically stops at the wide part of the leg, opens the knee, which does not at all add to the image of harmony and elegance. Many women of fashion choose midi length, less often maxi, as they most organically and accurately stretch the image, make it logical and complete. This applies to dresses, skirts, coat lengths and down jackets. One has only to try on a midi style once to appreciate its advantage over other formats.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Do not be afraid to buy things in midi length, even if you often heard that this style is considered “grandmother’s”. On the contrary, many things can visually lose kilograms and years, make the bow balanced and harmonious.[/stextbox]

  • Things with frills, for example, cardigans with ruffled lapels, are gradually relegated to the background. The abundance of massive, large elements not only makes the bow outdated, but can also add extra years and kilograms. It is better to choose an alternative – laconic styles of cardigans, jackets with straight lapels, lines, detachable shoulder. Such styles, due to the presence of two vertical lines, will slim and stretch the figure, and not make it massive.

Stylish straight-cut summer jackets

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  • Skinny jeans with a low waist, according to many fashionistas, have become the main anti-trend in clothing for the summer of 2019, photos can be seen in our review. This style looks too vulgar, fits the figure and emphasizes all the flaws. Even if you are the owner of ideal forms, you can choose a more suitable, versatile bow that will favorably emphasize the curves of the body. For example, boyfriend jeans, flared style are in fashion for everyday life.

Fashion jeans for summer 2019

[stextbox id=’warning’]The waist should in no case be understated. Such a cut visually divides the figure into two unequal parts, disproportionately “cuts” it. It is better to stay on a high landing, as you can emphasize the waist and hips. Also, this style hides the tummy a little, helps to make the bow slimmer and neater.[/stextbox]

  • Jumpsuits with shorts should be replaced with mono-looks. The so-called rompers were relevant for several seasons in a row, and many girls really loved them. But the kit loses to most modern ideas, for example, images in a single color scheme. The minus of overalls is mini-shorts, too open top, lack of a clear separation of the figure and emphasis on forms, oversaturation with prints and patterns. Because of these shortcomings, you can, for example, choose the top and them in the same color scheme, select accessories and shoes.

  • A tutu skirt is an anti-trend for the summer of 2019 in women’s clothing. She looks too doll-like, so most girls refuse her in favor of simple, concise and natural forms. For example, a mini-style or a sun-flare made of dense, standing neoprene material cannot be found at any fashion show. Clear, elegant, but no less feminine formats prevail there – wraparound skirts, pleated skirts, asymmetrical styles, straight cut, maxi, midi or just below the knee length. The mini style is categorically not suitable, as it looks vulgar and sloppy, the length looks good only in cocktail dresses and at corresponding parties.

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  • Chokers were the most popular last season. Many girls refuse them, as they find a more suitable and versatile alternative, for example, multi-tiered chains or sautoirs – long chains with massive stones. They are able not only to decorate and make the bow more interesting, but also to make the figure more slender, tall. This effect is achieved thanks to the vertical lines that just form the basis of the image. Chokers, on the contrary, tightly fit the neck, can make the neck shorter, and the bow is childish and not suitable for an adult lady.

Stylish decoration for summer 2019

  • Belt bags are a convenient and stylish element of the wardrobe, which, unfortunately, should be left in the past. This trend has already been “reborn”, as it was popular in the 90s of the last century, and this year it has again climbed to the top of the fashion industry. Surprisingly, not many fashionistas reacted favorably to fanny packs, since they are only suitable for casual and street style, you will not choose them for an office or business bow.

A great alternative to waist bags has appeared – mini-bags, round tablet-clutches, convenient envelopes or stylish backpacks, which, by the way, fit many times more than in a clutch or a belt.

Fashionable handbag models that are relevant this summer

  • Clothing with embroidery is gradually becoming an anti-trend. Do not be surprised by this fact, because more modern, and therefore interesting …

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