Antitrends of accessories 2023

The anti-trends 2023 cheat sheet in the accessories category will tell you which jewelry is out of fashion and what novelties can replace them. It’s time for a fashion revision!


Fashion trends in jewelry 2023 decided on a bold move – they pushed the classic models of earrings into the background, offering more individual and interesting novelties. In the wake of this trend, conservative studs and huggy-type earrings that cover the earlobe have lost their relevance.

Small Kongo earrings have also faded into the shadows of the 2023 fashion accessories list. If your love for ear rings is boundless, we advise you to bet on a non-standard texture and large size in a classic design.

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Pearl jewelry is a real hit of the 2023 season, but not every variation is in line with fashion trends. So, the classic string of pearls runs the risk of looking boring and conservative. A modern take on a classic welcomes custom-shaped pearls, as well as pairing with other materials, such as a cheeky chain.

Stylists advise to say goodbye to the velvet choker, a decoration that has finally lost its relevance in the 2023 season.

Bulky necklaces with active decor also fell into the category of anti-trends of the 2023 season in the world of jewelry. Complex designs hardly fit into everyday outfits and sometimes overloaded them. If you want to focus on the neckline, use several thin chains according to the principle of layering – this technique will not disturb the airiness and lightness of the image.


The peplum belt in the 2023 season has become an anti-trend. Designers did not forget to offer an up-to-date alternative to replace the bygone accessory — belts in the form of corsets are now in trend, which beautifully emphasize the waist and make the images stylistically complete.

Accessory kits

Stylists are sure that in the 2023 season it is worth saying goodbye to the habit of wearing sets of accessories without a drop of regret and open up to new fashion experiments. Ready-made sets of earrings and necklaces, bracelets and necklaces do not have to be thrown away – you should try to combine the components of the sets in new combinations or take individual jewelry.

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The anti-trends of bags 2023-2024 are headed by a solid clutch with a clear fixed shape. A typical model is represented by rectangular outlines. Instead of an outdated form, stylists advise relying on the soft and smooth outlines of a stylish clutch.

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Miniature handbags are noticeably losing ground, giving way to the title of a fashionable favorite for more spacious options.

Large size crossbody is the next anti-trend of the 2023 season. When choosing a shoulder bag, stylists advise choosing a model with accurate dimensions.

In the top of anti-trends and bags with excessive decor. All kinds of frills, ruffles, rhinestones, stone appliqués have faded into the shadows, bringing modern minimalism to the fore.

Winter accessories

Among the anti-trends of winter accessories in 2024 is snood – the very round scarf. Saying goodbye to an outdated model is easy, because it caused difficulties when combined with outerwear. A completely different thing is a long scarf of a classic rectangular shape, which, thanks to its minimalist design, fits into any outfit.

In 2024, it’s time to say goodbye to pom-pom hats. If you want to add a cheerful touch to the bow, bet on a perky earflap. At the peak of popularity and winter panamas made of warm textures.

The list of anti-trends for 2023-2024 also includes hats with brilliant decor – all kinds of rhinestones and stones will be a red signal that the model is no longer in trend and has given way to modern minimalism.

If your collection has enough different scarves and hats, try to make new combinations with them – it’s not only interesting, but also fashionable! But ready-made knitted sets are no longer in the trends of the 2023-2024 season.

The anti-trends of the 2023 season suggest which jewelry and accessories have left the list of trends. You can hope for the cyclical nature of fashion, or you can find a stylish alternative – there are a lot of interesting new products in the 2023 collections!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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