Antitrends of summer 2021

At the beginning of the summer season, you need to carefully review your wardrobe, because, perhaps, some things from it have already become anti-trends in the summer of 2021. Everyone knows that fashion is very changeable, so what was at the peak of popularity today may become completely tasteless tomorrow. Let’s talk about the main anti-trends of this summer.

List of anti-trends for summer 2021

Things that went out of fashion this year can be found among clothes, shoes, hats and even accessories. But, to replace them, a lot of new and stylish things appeared. Antitrends among clothes are as follows:

  • Fitted blouses. Classic blouses with a fitted cut should be replaced this year with looser models. For a business woman, a blouse is an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe, and you can easily find many new and stylish options.

  • Skinny jeans. It is better to remove fitted jeans from your wardrobe and replace them with more fashionable wide or flared jeans. Combined with a high waist, these pants look very stylish and are suitable for any type of figure.

  • Flared skirt. The skirt of this model remains in past seasons and is losing its popularity this year. Perhaps this is for the best, because it does not suit all types of figures and it is difficult to find a harmonious top for it.

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  • Ultra short dresses. Owners of long and slender legs have always loved such dresses, because they very clearly emphasize their main dignity. But this summer, more restrained maxi or midi length dresses will be in trend.

  • Bicycle shorts. If you still have bicycles from last season, then do not rush to get rid of them. You can leave them for training, but for walking around the city, it is better to pick up Bermuda shorts.

  • Bolero. Bolero capes at one time could be seen on the world catwalks, but today they are out of fashion and are considered an anti-trend.

  • Jumpsuits with shorts. Rompers, as they are called differently, make the figure shapeless. Such a thing can only remain in your child’s wardrobe, and you better choose separate elements of the outfit for yourself.
  • neon clothes. There is a certain rule here – the brighter the trend, the faster it will lose its popularity. Bright clothes in saturated colors, which are difficult to look at without goggles, have gone into anti-trends.

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  • Elastic waistband skirts. An elastic band that remains in sight spoils the overall perception of the image. Wide belts look much better.

  • The abundance of decor on jeans. Bright patterns and large holes on jeans, which occupy almost their entire area, are no longer relevant. If you really want ripped jeans, then stop at models with scuffs and small holes.

Among the hats for the summer that have become the anti-trends of 2021, trilby straw hats should be highlighted. These hats have narrow and slightly curled edges, and at the same time look outdated. Replace them with wide-brimmed models that look very feminine and romantic.

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Unfashionable shoes in 2021

Separately, we need to talk about shoes that have moved into the category of anti-trends. For example, wedge sneakers have lost their former popularity. These shoes at one time were in great demand among girls, but in the new season they have lost their relevance. Slightly rough models of sneakers remain stylish, which are easily combined with different outfits.

Also anti-trends include shoes and sandals with a lot of rivets. These shoes look very heavy and oversaturated. One small element on the shoe or an unusual heel looks more stylish.

An important role in the appearance of shoes is played by the sock. This summer it will be unfashionable to wear shoes with a rounded toe. Choose from a stylish square or pointed toe.

Beach fashion 2021

Speaking about the anti-trends of 2021, we should touch on the topic of swimwear, because summer is the beach season. This year it is better not to appear on the beach in such outfits:

  • Bikini strings. Small bathing suits that barely cover the intimate parts of the body are out of fashion for a long time, so stop for more stylish options.
  • neon swimwear. Today, naturalness is in fashion, so bright swimsuits of artificial, saturated colors are no longer relevant.
  • Pareo. Although the pareo has one very important ability – to hide flaws, this year it is better to do without it on the beach.

In addition, mirrored glasses, which are very fond of wearing on the beach, have gone out of fashion. Stylish before, mirrored glasses are outdated and lost their former relevance. Now in vogue classic darkened models of glasses that have a geometric shape.

The ultra-short shorts are also a thing of the past. Even on the beach, such options for shorts today will be considered inappropriate. On the seashore, you can also see girls who are trying to walk on the sand in wedge sandals. This is the unequivocal anti-trend of beach fashion in 2021. It is better to pick up fashionable slippers, in which you can walk around the city.

We tried to post all the photos with the anti-trends of the summer of 2021 so that you more clearly understand what exactly you need to urgently get rid of. Follow fashion trends and stay up to date with all the news to always look beautiful and stylish.

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