apple diet

The apple diet is an effective and, most importantly, delicious way to lose weight. Apples contain many useful substances, such as vitamins, trace elements, folic acid, pectin. Eating apples, we heal our body.

Apple diet helps to restore the metabolic process and helps to lose extra pounds.

Sitting down on this diet, you need to set yourself up that at the end of it you will not pounce on fried and baked high-calorie foods.

apple diet options

There are four variations of the apple diet. Let’s talk about each separately.

  • The first option is the most effective, but tough, because during the day you can only eat apples, but in no case should you drink. Don’t worry, apples have enough liquid to fill your body with water.
  • The second option is the most benign. During it, it is allowed to eat apples and drink water. It is recommended to make better infusions of mint and chamomile, they will calm the nerves and prevent stress.
  • The third option involves a weekly apple diet. On the first and last days, you can eat 1 kg of apples, on the rest, 1.5 kg. In this case, you can use mineral water without gases or green tea without sugar as a drink. If you really really want to eat, then you are allowed to eat rye crackers.
  • The fourth option is called the apple-kefir diet. At a time, you can eat one apple and drink no more than half a glass of kefir. Repeat up to six times a day.

What are the best apples to buy?

Buy your favorite varieties of apples, choose that they look beautiful and you enjoy eating them. Don’t spare money!

If you have diseases such as duodenal or stomach ulcers, then it is recommended to buy sweet apples; for gastritis, it is better to choose sour varieties. Also, apples are very useful for atherosclerosis.

But each diet has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of the apple diet

  • The apple diet is good because in almost a week the result will be noticeable. Standing on the scales, you will see that you have dropped a few extra pounds.
  • Another advantage of this diet is that by eating apples, you fill your body with vitamins and other useful trace elements.
  • The third advantage of such a diet is that it is useful for those who have chronic diseases.

Diet Disadvantages

The disadvantage is that not everyone will be able to withstand the apple diet. Someone can eat only apples for at least a whole month, and for someone, one day of such a diet can turn into real torture.

On a note

Since apples are considered one of the most affordable fruits, an apple diet is recommended for those who want to lose weight quickly. It is not necessary to sit on a long diet, it is enough to arrange fasting days at least once a week.

By the way, for those who have stomach problems, fresh apples can sometimes be replaced with baked ones. It is recommended to consume up to 1.5 kg of apples per day.

It must be remembered that this diet for medicinal purposes and in order to lose weight, like any other, is allowed only after consulting a specialist.

Choose from the proposed apple diet options the one that suits you best. In addition to the diet, it is recommended to do physical activity! Together, this will not only help you lose weight, but will also positively affect your health.

Apple health to you!

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