Application of bergamot essential oil for face and hair

There are many bergamot lovers in the world. This tree of the citrus family has fruits unsuitable for food, as their bitterness far exceeds the bitterness of grapefruit. But its rich refreshing aroma did not go unnoticed. Bergamot essential oil is made by pressing. Both the peel of the fruit and the flowers and leaves of the plant are used.

Not every soil and climatic conditions are suitable for growing bergamot. This, as well as the low yield of the product during production, explains by no means a small cost of this essential oil. But for true connoisseurs of this exquisite fragrance, the high price is not a problem at all.

Bergamot oil in cosmetology

In addition to the magnificent aroma, bergamot essential oil is also valued for its excellent cosmetic effect. It is successfully used by owners of oily skin with enlarged pores, as it suppresses the sebaceous glands and narrows the pores. Hair after regular use of bergamot is less likely to get oily and acquire a healthy look.

The oil is great for acne and skin irritations. Its property to quickly heal cuts, wounds, burns is very valuable. Bergamot acts as an antiseptic. Its ability to suppress parasites and fungi is pronounced. The oil gives hair and skin deep hydration nourishment. But given its ability to enhance pigmentation, in the summer it is better to use it not very often.

Bergamot essential oil and hair

The main effect of bergamot oil on hair is:

  • reduces greasiness of hair;
  • accelerates their growth;
  • soothes and regenerates the scalp;
  • eliminates dandruff;
  • nourishes and strengthens hair.

The listed results are very desirable for many women who purchase expensive means to achieve them. However, by using bergamot regularly for hair, these improvements can be achieved without large financial investments. Moreover, the use of this oil is not necessarily associated with a large investment of time.

For example, a simple way to use bergamot essential oil is to apply a few drops to your comb before combing. A wooden comb is best suited for this procedure. Hair should be combed in different directions for several minutes.

Another way is to add oil to shampoo or hair balm. And you can make a hair conditioner. To do this, add vinegar or lemon juice and bergamot oil to the water. Over time, the hair will take on a healthy look and the secretion of sebum will decrease.

Hair masks with bergamot

A more time-consuming, but even more effective way to heal hair with bergamot is to apply a mask that contains essential oil. Hair mask should be selected according to the type of hair. In principle, bergamot oil can be added to any mask. It can be successfully combined with other oils.

The following masks with bergamot essential oil are especially effective:

  • Combine 10 ml of almond oil, 3 drops of bergamot, the same amount of lemon oil and 1 drop of cedar. Rub all this into the scalp and insulate. Wash off with shampoo after half an hour. This mask gives the hair freshness and shine, perfect for oily hair.
  • You can prepare a mask from 15 ml of jojoba oil, 5 drops of bergamot and the same amount of sandalwood. Keep your head wrapped in a warming cap for up to 50 minutes. The mask fights dandruff well on oily scalp.
  • If you take burdock oil or castor oil, combine it with 3 drops of bergamot, you get an excellent mask for strengthening hair.

The effect of bergamot on the skin

Bergamot essential oil is actively used for oily, acne-prone skin. It successfully copes with such skin problems as:

  • excessive secretion of sebum;
  • enlarged pores;
  • acne, inflammation and irritation;
  • aging and wilting.

Bergamot oil can be added to various skin care products to achieve the desired results. For example, in makeup removers, shower gel or cream, lotion, tonic. Do not forget that even one drop of this etherol carries a lot of useful substances, as it is very concentrated. In view of this, you should not use it according to the principle beloved by many ̶ “the more the better”. In one serving of any care product, you need to add up to 4 drops of oil, no more.

Face masks with bergamot

Depending on the underlying skin problem or the desired effect, various face masks with the addition of bergamot are used. If you already have a favorite mask that suits you, you can add a few drops of bergamot oil to it. Or you can use one of the recipes below.

  • An excellent nourishing mask can be obtained by combining 5 ml of jojoba oil, 15 ml of grape and 3 drops of bergamot. This oily mixture should be washed off the face after 10 minutes.
  • For a pronounced effect of narrowing the pores, a mask of whipped egg white and 5 drops of bergamot oil is suitable. The mask should be kept on the skin for no more than 10 minutes.
  • The following mask will help cleanse the skin of the face. To prepare it, you need to take 7 ml of grape oil, 5 drops of bergamot and the same amount of thyme. The mask should be on the surface of the skin for 15 minutes. It can be used daily.
  • On skin prone to excessive oiliness, apply a mask of 3 drops of sandalwood oil, 4 – geranium, 5 – bergamot, added to distilled water. Apply this mixture only on oily areas of the skin for up to 15 minutes.

Bergamot essential oil can be added to various oil blends to provide full body skin care. If you rub a few drops of bergamot into the skin of your hands and nails, you can provide them with excellent nutrition and hydration.

Body care + aromatherapy

The refreshing smell of bergamot oil appeals to many people, so it is often used in the production of perfumes. When using this essential oil for cosmetic purposes, a double effect is achieved. Firstly, the condition of the skin and hair improves, many problems with them go away. Secondly, there is a healing and soothing aromatherapy session.

The scent of bergamot essential oil has a miraculous effect in many areas.

  • Great for dealing with stress and depression. Its ability to elevate mood and awaken an incentive to new ideas is clearly expressed.
  • Strengthens the immune forces of the body, has an antiviral effect. It is especially good to use it during the period when winter viruses and infections are raging.
  • Normalizes the work of the respiratory system.
  • By right, bergamot oil is included in the list of aphrodisiacs due to its ability to increase sexual desire.
  • Bergamot…

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