Applying almond oil to the skin

Almond oil is widely used in cosmetology. It is added to many cosmetic products: creams, masks, nourishing milk, balms and shampoos. But why did it deserve such close attention?

Almond oil is obtained by processing almonds, the fruit of which contains from 30 to 60% oil. It contains vitamins B, E, A, F, linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids, as well as zinc, magnesium, carotenes and phosphorus. Thanks to this rich composition, almond oil has a number of useful properties.

Almond oil for face

Almond oil is ideal for all skin types. So, this natural cosmetic product is able to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin of the face. It cleanses oily and problematic, perfectly tones up mixed (combined) skin, and will allow you to give a fresh and rested look to normal skin. Great for fighting acne and pimples, narrows enlarged pores. Brightens under eye circles.

In addition, almond oil is a wrinkle fighter, especially around the eyes. It also tightens the skin, makes it smoother, firmer and more tender, gives a healthy color and promotes regeneration.

Almond oil masks

  • Wrinkle mask. Mix two teaspoons of almond oil with two teaspoons of honey and one egg yolk. Apply to the face and wash off after 15-20 minutes with warm water.
  • Purifying mask. Dilute one tablespoon of oatmeal in water to a thick consistency, add two teaspoons of oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice. All this is well mixed and applied to the face, rinse after 10-15 minutes.
  • Anti-acne mask. It consists of boiled potatoes and lemon juice, almond oil, calendula tincture in a ratio of 1:1:1:1. This mixture is applied to the face for 20 minutes, then washed off with water at room temperature.
  • Moisturizing mask. Applesauce and almond oil are added to the curd in equal amounts. Everything is mixed and applied to the skin with a rather thick layer, washed off after 20 minutes.
  • Mask for problem skin (from acne and oily sheen). One egg white, 20 grams of oil and 20 grams of St. John’s wort broth are applied to the face for 15 minutes, washed off with water at room temperature.
  • Applications against peeling, redness and inflammation of the skin. For this kind of masks, you will need gauze napkins with holes for the eyes and mouth. Next, the napkin is moistened in oil and applied to the face for 30 minutes.
  • Applications to improve skin elasticity and firmness. A similar procedure is carried out similarly to the previous one, only before dipping a napkin in oil, it must be moistened in warm water.

homemade creams

Often, homemade creams include almond oil. It is especially recommended for the preparation of cosmetics for oily skin. So, the following recipe is especially popular:

  1. Put an enameled container on a hot stove, lower a vessel with almond oil (30 ml) and a vessel with basil decoction (60 ml) into it;
  2. Wait until the temperature of the oil and broth rises to 60 degrees and at this time add two grams of sucrose stearate to the oil container;
  3. After complete dissolution of sucrose stearate, pour basil broth into this container;
  4. Stir until the mixture is homogeneous;
  5. Remove the cream from the stove and put in a container with cold water;
  6. When the temperature of the cream becomes 35-40 degrees, add 5 milliliters of ginger extract and 7 milliliters of grapefruit oil to it.
  7. Mix again, transfer to a jar and refrigerate.
  8. Now the cream can be used. But it is worth remembering that its shelf life does not exceed one week.

Here is a simple recipe for homemade cream based on almond oil. At the last stage of cooking, you can add various oils, combine decoctions of herbs during cooking. The effect will depend on the selected ingredients.

So for dry skin, essential oils of rose, sandalwood, jasmine are more suitable, for oily skin – lemon, rosemary, bergamot, for sensitive – spruce, orange.

Herbal decoctions can also be very diverse: chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula, mint, sage, coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, nettle, plantain, raspberry, linden, birch leaves. Moreover, herbs can be brewed both individually and in the most unexpected combinations.

Facial soap

To prepare such soap, take 200 grams of soap base or two pieces of baby soap. Rub it on a coarse grater. Fall asleep in a saucepan, put in a water bath. One tablespoon of cocoa is added to it (if soap is used, and not a soap base, then add a little more water or milk). Thoroughly mix everything, wait until the mass becomes homogeneous. Remove from heat and add two tablespoons of almond oil and one tablespoon of glycerin. Mix again and pour into moulds. Put in the refrigerator and wait until the soap hardens.

This soap can be used daily while washing in the morning and evening.

Massage with almond oil

In addition to masks, creams and applications, almond oil can also be used as a basis for massage. To do this, slightly warmed oil is applied to the face and they begin to rub it along the massage lines: from the middle of the forehead to the ears, from the nose and the middle of the chin also to the ears.

Then they move on to light patting with fingertips over the entire surface of the face, especially paying attention to the areas under the eyes, chin and cheekbones. After that, it is advisable to lie down a bit, relax and let the oil soak in. Rinse with warm water if desired or leave to dry completely.

Such a massage visibly tightens the skin and increases blood flow to the face, which contributes to increased regeneration and a noticeable reduction in wrinkles.

Unexpected application

Almond oil in cosmetology is advised to use it as a make-up remover! To do this, add one teaspoon of jojoba oil to nine teaspoons of almond oil, apply the mixture in a small amount on a cotton swab and carefully remove makeup from the eyes.

In addition to removing eye makeup, this tool has an additional effect: it cares for eyelashes, strengthens them, and accelerates growth.

Usage Tips

  • before you start using almond oil, check yourself for allergic reactions: apply a small amount of oil to the crook of your arm, wait a bit, if redness appears, then this oil is contraindicated for you;
  • before use, the oil can be slightly warmed up, which will enhance its effect on the skin;
  • only sweet almond oil is suitable for use as a cosmetic product, bitter almond oil is toxic.

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