Asexuality in women: what is it?

Asexuality is the absence of any sexual desire. And this should in no way be confused with the lack of an orgasm.

If the lack of orgasm is a dissatisfaction with sex, temporary or permanent, with all or some specific man, then asexuality is a conscious absence of the very desire to do something like that, complete indifference to sex.

At first glance, this is a rather strange phenomenon, contrary to the laws of nature, but, unfortunately, it exists and is already acquiring a certain pathological form. Asexuality begins to stand out as a separate sexual orientation.

Asexuality, of course, is an acquired phenomenon. In women, it appears exclusively on a psychological level, and which originates far from childhood.

Asexuality manifests itself for various reasons: very low libido, disgust, disgust, a sense of alienation, bad experiences in the past, and even elementary depression. And the saddest thing is that there are more and more such women, even certain movements are formed that call for giving up sex forever. But not everyone can go against nature, and, as described above, for the loss of sexual desire, there must be a good reason, laid down on a psychological level.

Of course, such serious problems begin in childhood. After all, children instantly absorb all the information, everything they see remains in their memory as vivid pictures, and emotional upheavals become the biggest life-long fears.

Perhaps this is the upbringing of strict parents who constantly repeated that sex is disgusting and terribly embarrassing. For little girls, these are strict fathers who are afraid for them and do not know another way to talk about such a topic.

Also, the first unsuccessful sexual experience that left an imprint on the rest of your life can be the reason. And in some cases – just unjustified expectations, expressed in sexual desire that never came, as a result of which the feeling of being inferior, not like everyone else, if “this” never came. And the older they get, the worse it gets.

It is also worth noting that if a woman is deprived of sexual desire, this does not mean that she cannot feel arousal. Maybe because you can’t go against nature. But this does not mean that she needs sex or that this very excitement brings her pleasure.

But the most interesting thing is that if a woman is asexual, this does not mean that she is not capable of love. That she, like others, cannot walk around the city with her loved one, holding hands, hugging him and kissing him. They just think that love is a real feeling, and sex is a vulgarity in the last instance.

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