Asmus in furs, and Valeria in sequins: “battle” 7 evening looks of the week from the stars

The past week was full of various social events, for which domestic “celebrities”, of course, put on the best toilets and the most expensive jewelry.

Christine Asmus

At the birthday party of director Marius Weisberg, the actress tried on an image from the 20s of the last century. Marilyn Monroe wave hairstyle, high waisted dress and fox cape. Asmus looked very organic in this outfit and even admitted herself: “How many people said that the 20s. – it’s just mine!

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At the presentation of the music award “Zhara Awards” singer Valeria shone in the truest sense of the word. For such a landmark event, the artist chose a silver sequin dress from the Pacorabanne brand. The high cost of the image was emphasized by graceful sandals and white gold jewelry. Valeria in her Instagram signed the video from the event as follows: “I prefer to follow the dress code.”

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Natalia Podolskaya

Singer Natalya Podolskaya chose a white dress with puffed sleeves to receive a prize from the Modatopical magazine. Podolskaya won the TV Debut of the Year nomination for participating in the Moms program on the Friday TV channel. At the award, Natalia was accompanied by her husband Vladimir Presnyakov, who was in a black suit and T-shirt. A couple in black and white, looked like real Yin and Yang.

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Ksenia Borodina

For her birthday, the host of Dom-2 went to her interior designer Yulia Kurepova in a sparkling mini dress with an open shoulder and a bow at the waist. Miniature Xenia really suits similar styles of toilets. The evening look was completed with voluminous styling and stylish makeup. Fans of the TV presenter paid special attention to black earrings in the form of crosses.

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Christina Orbakaite

To celebrate the 9th birthday of her daughter Claudia, the singer chose a delicate cream chiffon dress. A translucent, but not revealing dress, emphasized the chiseled figure of Orbakaite and went well with her daughter’s airy spring outfit. Christina’s gentle look was completed with original red ankle boots with a tattoo pattern.

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Singer Sogdiana to visit the club Daria Darvol put on a white trouser suit from the brand Laroom. A double-breasted jacket and trousers with arrows made a real lady out of the singer. It is interesting that such a voluminous outfit did not hide the artist’s ideal figure in any way, but rather emphasized the forms.

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Oksana Fedorova

TV presenter Oksana Fedorova recently visited the Bolshoi Theater. For the publication, Fedorova chose black trousers and a jacket from TM KOT´S. The original cut of the jacket and the decor in the form of a fringe made the set festive and completely different from classic suits. Red shoes made of reptile skin, on the red carpets of the theater, looked even more impressive.

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Publication from Oksana Fedorova Mezzo-Soprano (@fedorovaoksana)

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