Auspicious days for manicure for June 2020

Lunar manicure calendar for june 2020 will determine most auspicious days for nail manipulation. The information presented in the article will help you make plans for the month and at the same time enjoy going to the manicurist.


The influence of the phase of the moon and the sign of the zodiac

Summer is a time for rest, bright impressions and pleasant moments. Therefore, it is so important that everything be beautiful – both appearance and mood.

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The moon is able to influence the biorhythms of a person, his emotional and psychological mood in different ways. Therefore, when making plans and planning your activities for a month, it is necessary to take into account the position of the Earth’s satellite. After all, if you start something in an unfavorable period, the risk that something will go wrong, and the matter will not bring the desired result, increases significantly.

So that the mood is not spoiled by an unsuccessful manicure, we suggest that you turn to astrologers for help and find out how the phase of the moon and the sign of the Zodiac affect the result of going to a beauty salon.

Waxing and waning moon

The period of the growth of the moon gives girls the green light to carry out any procedures related to beauty on the hands and nails. Also, the luminary contributes to all kinds of manipulations, if you want the nails grew faster and better.

The moon will grow in the period from 1 to 4, as well as from 22 to 30 June 2020 of the year.

  • Number 1 is not a very good period for large-scale changes. Therefore, when visiting the salon, it is better to simply varnish the plate in a pleasant color.
  • The 2nd is one of the best days to visit a manicurist.
  • Number 3 is not the best period. Nails are not in the best shape, so any procedures can be harmful.
  • 4th number – any manipulations with nails are allowed, except for extensions.

  • Number 22 – feel free to make any dreams come true, experiment with length, shape, color.
  • 23rd – mark the date on the calendar as a good time to make an appointment with a manicurist.
  • 24th – it is better not to expose your nails to any procedures.
  • 25th – any procedure can adversely affect well-being.

  • 26th – the period is well suited for grooming procedures, while it is better to transfer a manicure to another number.
  • The 27th is a bad period for visiting a nail salon in all aspects.
  • 28th day – a day is well suited for caring for the nail plate. Experiments are welcome.

  • Number 29 – build up, strengthen, do any procedures with nails.
  • 30th – spend this period at home and devote it to caring for your hands: make wellness baths, so your nails become more strong and beautiful.

During the period of the waning moon (from June 6 to 20), any procedures with nails will not bring the desired result. In addition to a general deterioration in well-being, the nail plates can become brittle and thin, begin to exfoliate. Also, if a manicure is done during this period, the likelihood of conflicts in the family and at work increases. Nails trimmed for a waning moon will grow either slower than usual or at a neutral rate.

[tds_warning]If you can’t refuse a manicure during the waning moon, then you can try to sign up for a master on the 8th, 13th, 14th or 19th – these days in June are considered neutral by astrologers.[/tds_warning]

On the new moon (June 21) and full moon (June 5), it is better to refuse procedures using cutting and stabbing instruments. Therefore, do not cut your nails, remove cuticles. But for changing the image, the period of the new moon is perfect.

Successful and unsuccessful periods according to the sign of the zodiac

  • by the most auspicious days for manicure those are considered when the Moon is in Leo and Sagittarius. During this period, you can change the length of the nails, experiment with design and shape. Also shown are any wellness procedures for hands and nails.
  • Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn also have a positive effect on the outcome of a visit to a manicurist. In addition to attractive handles, a fashionista is guaranteed to receive positive emotions from the procedures themselves, to feel in a new way.
  • Not the best for a manicure will be the day when the Earth’s satellite is in Aries and Aquarius. It is possible that the nail procedures carried out during this period will satisfy the result, but will not bring positive emotions.
  • During the period when the night luminary is in one of the water signs: Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, it is better not to do nails at all. This is the most inappropriate day for a manicure. It is not recommended to carry out manipulations related to cutting nails, as well as creating any design.

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The best periods of June

Choosing auspicious days for manicure for june 2020, fashionistas should build on their goals. So, for the improvement of hands and nails, there are many suitable days. But if the purpose of visiting the salon is treatment or the creation of a spectacular manicure, then you should be more responsible in choosing a date.

To choose the most favorable day, we suggest that you get acquainted with the lunar calendar below.

  • Good dates for positive energy nail procedures are June 2, 18, 25 and 27.
  • Favorable days for reducing the length of the nail plate with positive energy are June 3, 4, 22, 23, 24.
  • Dates unsuitable for cutting nails with unfavorable energy – 14.19, June 21.
  • Trimming nails will accelerate their growth – June 18, 22 and 23.
  • Cutting nails will lead to a slowdown in growth – June 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 20, 26.

Influence of the day of the week

Except lunar calendarthe result of a manicure is also influenced by the day of the week on which it is done.

  • Monday. The procedures carried out on the first day of the week, as well as on the first day of the lunar cycle, will have a positive effect not only on the appearance of the hands, but also on general well-being. Make an appointment with the master on Monday, and you will get rid of such problems as brittleness and delamination of nails. On such days, experiments with design, the use of unusual materials and bright colors will be especially successful.
  • Tuesday. The second day of the week has a special energy. Mars is the patron of this day, he is able to protect from trouble, especially if you get a manicure on Tuesday. Also, any procedures with nails can eliminate the symptoms of various diseases, such as headaches and migraines.

  • Wednesday. This is an ideal period for reducing the length of the nail plate, as well as bold design experiments. A manicure done on Wednesday will allow you to gain clarity of thought and achieve success in business, improve mutual understanding in the family.
  • Thursday. The fourth day of the week is rich in energy, which promises many pleasant meetings. Therefore, you should take care of the attractive appearance of the hands. A visit to the master will have a positive effect on the work of the liver, as well as energize.

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  • Friday. The patroness of this day of the week is Venus. A manicure made during this period will please the owner for a long time. Same,…

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