Auspicious days for manicure in August 2020

The lunar manicure calendar for August 2020 will help determine the most favorable days for going to the master. Compliance with the simple recommendations of astrologers will not only allow you to enjoy the results of building, coloring or decorating nails, but also improve your health and positively affect your financial situation. From the article you will learn about the features of nail care, taking into account the lunar phases, as well as the days that are best for manicure procedures.


Features of the lunar calendar

Astrologers say that according to the lunar calendar, the best period for caring for hands and nails is the new moon and the growth phase that follows it. Whereas the other periods of the cycle – the full moon and the days of the waning moon are less successful for cosmetic procedures.

So that the manicure pleases with its attractiveness and durability, and the nails after the procedures are strong and grow better, plan a trip to the master on the best days. Carefully study the calendar for August 2020, so as not to accidentally go to the salon on days when any manicure manipulations are doomed to failure, no matter which master you go to.

Waning phase

Astrologers say that if you cut your nails or do a manicure on a waning moon, it will retain its attractive appearance for a long time. After all, the nail plate during this period grows much more slowly, so the manicure will have to be adjusted less often. Let’s find out on which days during the waning moon in August it is worth making an appointment with a manicure master, and on which it is categorically not recommended to do this.

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  • August 4 – bold experiments with color, shape and decor are welcome. The day will pass under the auspices of Aquarius, so do not deny yourself something unusual, now is the time to try what you have long dreamed of. Experts recommend cutting your nails on this day, this will help get rid of negative emotions, strengthen immunity and program yourself for positive emotions.

  • August 5, 6, 7 – limit contact with piercing and cutting objects. If you go for a manicure, then give preference to hardware, instead of edged. The thing is that during this period there is a high probability of infectious diseases, as well as inflammation in the places where the tool is touched. It is better to postpone the nail extension procedure for another time, as the result will disappoint you.

  • August 8 and 9 – Sign up to the master if you want to build up your nails and cover them with varnish. For important events, give preference to a calm nude palette, such a manicure will bring good luck and luck. The day will pass under the control of Aries, so it is better not to cut your nails and not touch the cuticles, as there is a high probability of inflammation.

  • August 10, 11, 12 – one of the most favorable days for a manicure in August 2020. The days will pass under the sign of Taurus, so any procedure will please with its result, beauty and durability. Nail polishing and extensions will certainly succeed. Of the varnishes, it is better to give preference to light pastel shades and postpone bright and acid tones for another period. So you can attract good luck and significantly improve your financial situation.

  • August 13 and 14 – neutral time. You can go for a manicure these days, but you should refuse extensions, as well as too voluminous and catchy decor in the form of rhinestones. The best option during this period is a gel coat in a dark rich palette.

  • August 15 and 16 – give preference to a calm manicure without catchy decor. The thing is that the earth satellite is in Cancer, and this sign does not like pretentiousness and excessive gloss. Choose a gel coat in a discreet palette, without glitter and rhinestones. Otherwise, you can invite trouble and a number of conflict situations. Also postpone the trimmed manicure for another time. These days only hardware procedures are shown.

  • August 17 and 18 – you can shorten your nails and carry out trimmed manicure. But you shouldn’t sign up for extensions and plan a chic design with artistic painting, since you probably won’t like the result, and the coating won’t last long.

growing phase

A waxing moon manicure will delight those who wish to strengthen their nails and speed up their growth. However, astrologers will allocate more and less suitable days for going to the master.

  • 1 and 2, 28 and 29 August – the most favorable days for a manicure in August 2020. Any procedures related to restoring the beauty of the pens will bring satisfaction and delight with the result. Manicure will strengthen the nails and immunity in general. The day will pass under the auspices of Capricorn, so it is better to give preference to varnishes of soothing tones and minimize the amount of decor. Nude and pastel shades will set you in a calm mood, which will certainly have a positive effect on your financial condition.

  • August 20 and 21 – an excellent period for care manipulations. Make firming baths, cover your nails with nourishing enamel. You can do extensions. Various experiments with design and form are also shown.

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  • August 22 and 23 – experiments with the shape, length and design of the nail plate are contraindicated, as there is a high probability of damage. In general, an unfavorable day for a manicure. The period will pass under the auspices of Libra, so just treat your hands and nails with nourishing and wellness treatments.

  • August 24 and 25 – if you go to the master, cut your nails. Shortening the plate during this period will help strengthen the nails, make them stronger, and give health. Coating with varnishes of delicate natural colors will bring positive and changes for the better to life. During this period, only increase in length should be abandoned and gel coatings should not be applied.

  • August 26 and 27 – extension and haircut are contraindicated, since the earth satellite is in the sign of Sagittarius. You can cover your nails with varnish, but for this you should choose light shades. A simple and concise color will go well with an unusual shape of nails and various experiments with decor.

  • August 30 and 31 – a great period for going to the manicure master. The days will pass under the control of Aquarius, which means that this day is the best suited for writing to the master. All manipulations will go perfectly and will certainly please the fashionista with their result. Any experiments with design are allowed, you can also try a new plate shape that you have long dreamed of.

Full and new moon

In August 2020, the full moon will occur at the very beginning of the month – on the 3rd day. This day will pass under the sign of Aquarius – a good time for bringing beauty and bold experiments with appearance. Despite this, on August 3, you should not plan procedures related to nails, especially extensions. It is better to limit yourself to painting the nail plates, choosing bright and saturated shades of varnishes.

The new moon will be on the 19th…

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