Auspicious days for manicure in February 2023

February is the last month of winter. And although it is considered one of the most unpredictable in terms of weather, the inevitable approach of spring is felt in the air. This makes fashionistas think more and more about their own transformation – change their hairstyle, hair color, experiment with styles and, of course, with nail design. To make a visit to the nail art master successful, make it on strictly defined dates. What days for manicure in February 2023 will be the most favorable for women, we will tell in today’s review.

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The most favorable days for a visit to the nail master in February 2023

The influence of the moon on various spheres of human life has been known for a very long time. The night luminary helps to improve well-being, grow a bountiful harvest, achieve success in studies and business. In the beauty industry, a lot also depends on the moon. For example, it is much easier to get an excellent result from procedures in the Growing phase (1-4, February 21-28)when the world around is literally filled with energy. On the days of the growth of the moon, the nails grow faster and retain their strength for a long time. Waning phase (February 6-19) also has its advantages. It is good for those fashionistas who want their nails, on the contrary, to grow more slowly, to keep their shape longer.

Next, we list the most favorable days for nail care in February 2023.

  • From 03.02. to 04.02. These are just great dates for a visit to the master. The moon completes its growth and is on the 3rd number in the sign of Cancer, and on the 4th in the sign of Leo. If you want to please yourself with an extravagant, bright, unusual design, these days are best suited for this. The result will pleasantly surprise you. You can safely do something complicated on your nails, experiment with a new shape.
  • From 07.02. to 08.02. The moon has entered its waning phase and is in the sign of Virgo. And it so happened that this is a good time for any manipulations with nails. These days, you can do medical procedures: paraffin therapy, strengthening the plates, removing cuticles. Also try a new nail color, like one you’ve always avoided before. It will be a real boon for you.

  • From 24.02. to 25.02. These dates can also be designated as the most favorable days for manicure for February 2023. The moon has returned to the growing phase and is in the sign of Taurus. If you want to change the master of nail art, then this is the most suitable time. There is a high probability of finding a specialist who will provide you with a new level of care for hands and nails. The design will also be better.

February 5 – Full Moon. Pretty controversial day. Astrologers do not prohibit visiting the salon, but they do not recommend it either. If possible, it is better to stay at home. If you urgently need to refresh your manicure, choose the minimal decor and the calmest shades.

Unfavorable days for female manicure: February 2023

Now let’s list the dates that you should definitely cross out of your diary as suitable for a visit to the salon. The days that we will name below are not suitable for nail care, or for applying designs, or for any other manipulations. Better switch your attention to something opposite from the nail sphere.

  • From 12.02. to 13.02. The night luminary is located in the sign of Scorpio, and it very rarely favors those who decide to change their image. If you decide to make a complex design these days, then with a high probability it will not work out. Extended nails will be brittle, quickly lose their attractive appearance.
  • 15.02. The lunar calendar for February 2023 warns us against working with marigolds on this day as well. Trim manicure may lead to injury, as well as the removal of cuticles. Wounds resulting from careless actions will heal for a long time. Even a regular hand massage will not bring the desired effect.
  • From 18.02. to 19.02. The days before the New Moon are also not suitable for restoring beauty on the nails. The maximum that is allowed is to cover short nails with a nude top so that they look neat. Refuse expensive medical procedures, they will be useless. The Moon is in Aquarius.

February 20 – New Moon. The manicure lunar calendar for February 2023 marks this day as the most unfavorable for a visit to the master.

How to manage the rest of the days?

February 6. Not a bad day to visit the nail salon. However, give up something radically new. Give preference to designs and techniques that you know well. The same applies to the choice of shades. Choose a proven coating tone to avoid possible disappointment if you decide to experiment.

February 10. The waning moon is in Libra. All in all, it’s a normal day to get your nails done. And you can do both manicure and pedicure. But choose a concise design. And from drawings, sparkles and rhinestones – give up. They will bore you quickly.

February 22 and 23. The growing moon has passed into the sign of Aries. If you want to please your defender of the Fatherland with a beautiful manicure in honor of his holiday, these dates are quite suitable for creating a creative design. You can use any shades, bring to life any ideas. But do not increase the length, it will not hold.

February 27. Winter 2023 is coming to an end. It’s time to shift the focus of attention to the spring theme. Feel free to draw flowers and patterns from green leaves on your nails. Experiment with bright colors. Baths with oils will positively affect the health of the skin of the hands and nails. But trimmed manicure on this day is contraindicated.

We have listed auspicious days for manicure in February 2023. Choose the dates that suit you and let your nails and hands always be in order.

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