Auspicious days for manicure in January 2021

The lunar manicure calendar for January 2021 allows you to choose the most favorable days. This approach to choosing a date will have a positive effect on the growth, health and strength of the nail plate. Today we will tell you more about the most successful days for restoring the beauty of pens.

The best days for a manicure in January 2021

Adhering to the recommendations that astrologers offer fashionistas, you can count on getting beautiful and healthy nails.

Let’s find out in more detail which frosty January days will be the most suitable for restoring the beauty of pens and nails.

To begin with, we divide January into four periods. Let’s single out the various phases of the night star:

  • the first twelve days of January, as well as the period from the 29th to the 31st – decreasing;
  • from 14 to 27 – growing;
  • 13th – New Moon;
  • 28th – Full Moon.

Waning phase

  • Number 1 is a great time to create stylish nail art. A visit to the master during this period will allow you to achieve success in your work and a sharp rise up the career ladder.
  • Number 2 is a good period for nail care and experimenting with design. Guiding the beauty of nails will have a positive effect on well-being and improve immunity. Useful procedures for pens will have a positive effect on the condition of the bronchi and lungs. Therefore, if possible, take the maximum amount of time for yourself and beauty.
  • The 3rd is another auspicious day for a manicure in January 2021. When visiting the salon at the same time as painting, trim your nails and shape the nail plate. This will improve the condition of the teeth and increase their strength. Procedures with nails will improve immunity, strengthen the body.
  • Number 4 – shortening nails will lead to problems in your personal life, therefore, if a romantic relationship is far from ideal, it is better to give preference to a hardware procedure. When creating nail art, give preference to soft, restrained colors.
  • Number 5 – give preference to hardware guidance for the beauty of pens. The earthly satellite is in Libra, so put aside any manipulations related to nails. If you really need to put your nails in order, then choose a calm and discreet design, do not experiment.
  • Number 6 – if you do nails today, there is a high probability of deterioration in relations with loved ones. Coloring will not bring positive emotions.
  • 7th number – nail art made at this time can have a negative impact. Shortening the length will cause failure, increase the likelihood of gaining excess weight. It is best to spend this period alone, it will favorably affect the state of the nervous system. The night luminary is in Scorpio, so you should not try anything new, as the likelihood of allergic reactions is high.
  • The 8th is a good time to visit the salon. Going to a specialist during this period will not only strengthen your nails, but also improve your well-being. Shortening the nail plate and its coloring will allow you to get rid of excess weight, improve hair growth.

Number 9 – nail art procedures will increase efficiency, have a positive effect on the financial situation. However, on this day it is better to give up experiments and not try anything new. The day will be held under the control of Sagittarius – a good period for restoring the beauty of the pens. You can do the removal of corns, as well as make nourishing baths to strengthen nails.

  • The 10th is a favorable day for a manicure in January 2021. Procedures for shortening and coloring nails are allowed. In addition, visiting the salon will improve the functioning of the immune system, bring relief to those suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. When choosing a nail design, give preference to simpler techniques and a restrained palette.
  • The 11th is a good period for restoring the beauty of the hands. Shortening the nail plate will have a positive effect on dental health, improve wound healing, and strengthen the skeletal system. Today you can experiment, so when choosing a nail design, you can make any dream come true. Night luminary in Capricorn – pay attention to care procedures, make nourishing and vitamin hand masks.

  • The 12th is not the right time for coloring and shortening nails. Otherwise, there is a high probability of disagreements in the family, financial problems.
  • The 29th is a great period for coloring nails. Beauty guidance will improve health and well-being, will increase efficiency.
  • The 30th is also a suitable period for creating stylish nail art. Take care of your nails, but do not experiment too boldly with your appearance. Virgo rules during the day, so procedures are shown not only for coloring, but also for building nails, giving a new shape. You can also get a pedicure. The result of the procedures will certainly please.
  • The 31st is another great day for nail art. The procedures will improve the state of the nervous system, the functioning of the lungs and bronchi.

New moon

The 13th is an unsuitable period for nail art. Today it is better not to cut or paint the nail plate. Otherwise, there may be disagreements in the family and with friends, the occurrence of a depressive state.

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growth phase

  • 14th – visiting a manicurist is contraindicated. If you sign up to the master for this number, then you cannot avoid future failures in various fields, as well as financial losses.
  • The 15th is a good period. The lunar calendar claims that visiting the salon during this period will significantly improve health, add strength and positive emotions.
  • The 16th is an excellent time to create a stylish design. This will allow you to sharply climb the career ladder, improve performance. But it is better to refuse trimming nails, as this can cause hangnails.
  • The 17th is an excellent period for procedures related to nails. Stylish nail art will improve well-being, strengthen health, and restore the nervous system. Spend this time with family and friends, do not make new acquaintances.
  • The 18th is another positive period for going to the salon in January 2021. Guiding the beauty of the hands will have a beneficial effect not only on the nails, but also on the condition of the teeth, and will reduce the likelihood of various infections. Also, the period is suitable for removing ingrown nails, compresses and nourishing procedures for the skin of the hands.

  • 19th – you can do nail art, but do not shorten your nails. Otherwise, there is a high probability of problems in personal life, financial losses. When choosing a varnish color, limit yourself to restrained and calm tones.
  • 20th – cutting nails is also undesirable, as this can lead to problems in your personal life and on the financial front. Do not solve serious issues during this period, postpone such actions for a more favorable day.
  • Number 21 – manipulations with scissors and other cutting tools are contraindicated, as this can lead to serious …

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