Auspicious days for manicure in July 2020

If for July 2020 you planned to do manicure and update your image, then moon calendarpresented in the article will help you choose most auspicious days for this. When planning a trip to the master, choose the most appropriate number, otherwise you not only risk getting what you planned, but also bring trouble on yourself, your health and finances.


Growing phase of the moon

It is known that the Earth’s satellite goes through several phases every month – growth, waning, full moon and new moon.

If you want to grow your nails as quickly as possible, visit the salon during the rising of the moon. Showing procedures to strengthen the nail plate, nutritious, vitamin baths.

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What numbers fall into the growing phase in July 2020? Let us consider this period in more detail and determine the most auspicious days for manicure.

  • 1.07. The day will pass under the auspices of Scorpio. This day is great for going to the master, especially if you sign up for a time after 17:00. You can shorten the length and process the cuticle. Choose a stylish design and enjoy the result.
  • 2.07. These lunar days will pass under the sign of Sagittarius. According to the manicure calendar, this day will be one of the most suitable for updating the appearance of nails. Therefore, sign up for the master in advance, because closer to the scheduled date there may simply be no places left. If you go to the salon after 18:00, you can safely experiment with the shape of the nail plate and choose any color that you have long dreamed of. The only thing the stars warn about is that you only contact a trusted master, otherwise the result may upset.

  • 3.07. The thirteenth lunar day will start at 19:42, this is not the best time to experiment with nail design, but the day is quite suitable for trimmed manicure. Going to the master on this day will activate the monetary energy, especially if you paint your nails with blue or blue varnish.
  • 4.07. The moon is in Capricorn, and a manicure made on this day will delight the owner with its health and attractiveness for a long time. On this day, it is desirable to try something bright and extraordinary, especially for those girls who have an eccentric temperament.
  • 21.07. The day will pass under the auspices of Leo. The second lunar day of the new cycle is a great time for bold experiments. For example, if you have always worn oval-shaped nails, ask the nail technician to do a square manicure. At the same time, a plate of this type promises career success. Rounded corners will help you succeed on the personal front.

  • 22.07. Any manipulation of the nails, done on the third lunar day, will cheer you up. The day will be held under the auspices of Leo, so do not limit yourself, you can try the brightest colors and original decor. Any care procedures are also indicated during this period.
  • 23.07. The day will pass under the auspices of the Virgin. Therefore, the period is suitable for the treatment of nails and any procedures related to the strengthening of the plate. Do not shorten the length if you do not want your nails to grow faster. When choosing a design, give preference to a simple and discreet option.
  • 24.07. This day is considered the most suitable for visiting the salon and carrying out manipulations related to manicure. At the same time, you can experiment with both length and shape and design. Any of your desires will be embodied in the best possible way and will bring only positive emotions.
  • 25.07. The satellite of the Earth is in Libra. It is better to postpone the visit to the master for another day, especially if you are going to go to a person who has not been before. The result is likely to be disappointing.
  • 26.07. On the seventh lunar day, you can get a manicure, but it is better to contact a trusted master you trust.

  • 27.07. This day is ruled by Scorpio. A manicure made between 13:10 will bring success at work and help you make useful contacts.
  • 28.07. The ninth lunar day will start at 14:38 and will be an excellent period for visiting the salon. However, for manicure it is better to choose discreet shades and medium length. If you have long wanted to make a bright manicure and build long nails, then this is not the best period.
  • 29.07. The moon is in Sagittarius, which means that the day is perfect for a manicure. If you did not plan to cover your nails with gel polish, then you can do a manicure at home – everything will work out.

  • 30-31.07. The eleventh and twelfth lunar days are perfect for visiting a nail salon and experimenting with design.

Full moon

full moon in July 2020 of the year falls on the 5th day – this is the fifteenth lunar day. It is not recommended to cut nails, as this is fraught with an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Also, do not cover them with varnish.

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waning moon

The days are suitable for cuticle removal and nail trimming procedures. This will help make nails more strongprevent stratification.

  • 6.07. This day will be one of the most favorable for manicure in July 2020 of the year. Any manipulations with nails are allowed except trimmed manicure.
  • 7.07. The day will pass under the auspices of Aquarius, so it’s time to decide on an unusual manicure. On the seventeenth lunar day, it is recommended to ask the master to experiment with the design.

  • 8.07. The eighteenth lunar day recommends fashionistas to try different forms of nails. So, triangular nails will bring good luck in finances, square – in personal life.
  • 9.07. The day will be ruled by Pisces. This is not the best time to visit the salon. Otherwise, you risk significantly worsening the condition of the nails.
  • 10.07. This day will also not bring the desired result if you decide to visit the salon. The twentieth lunar day is best spent calmly and measuredly. It is especially not recommended to cut your nails short, as this can negatively affect your energy.
  • 11.07. On this day, Aries will control what is happening – a lover of everything spontaneous and bold. Therefore, you can succumb to the persuasion of the master and do something unusual, but this person should be familiar to you.

  • 12-13. 07. According to lunar calendarthe twenty-first and twenty-second days will not be the best period for going to the salon and restoring the beauty of the pens.
  • 14.07. The Moon is in Taurus. The twenty-third lunar day is not suitable for the transformation of nails. However, the patron Taurus smoothes the situation a bit, so if you really want to, you can afford trimmed manicure and extensions.
  • 15.07. The twenty-fourth lunar day will begin at 00:31. A great day for bold and unusual experiments.

  • 16.07. The day will pass under the auspices of Gemini. Therefore, it will be the most suitable period for visiting a manicure master. If you really need to do something with your nails during this period, try something as simple as possible.
  • 17.07. The twenty-sixth lunar day offers women freedom of choice. However, if there is no urgent need for a manicure on this day, it is better to reschedule …

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