Auspicious days for manicure in March 2023

March is a great time to start getting ready for summer. Update your wardrobe and haircut, experiment with hair color, do bright makeup, get rid of everything superfluous. You need to enter spring lightly, feeling like a queen. And don’t forget to take care of your nails. They should look well-groomed and healthy, especially if you prefer to go without design. In today’s review, we will list the favorable days for manicure in March 2023 according to the lunar calendar. Pay attention to them before signing up for the master.

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Most suitable dates for nail manipulation: March 2023

The first month of spring is perfect for new beginnings. Start realizing the goals that you have long dreamed of achieving, because the probability of success is very high. Any effort will be rewarded, as will a reasonable risk. Only those who prefer inaction will achieve nothing. This applies to business, romantic relationships, hobbies, professional activities and, of course, the beauty segment.

So, what day in March 2023 is the best time to contact a manicurist?

  • 03.03. Start with shape correction, treatment procedures, cuticle removal. The aesthetic appeal of nails is very important, so it is important to pay attention to it. The moon is in the growth phase and the zodiac sign Cancer. This is a good day to refresh the manicure, strengthen the nail plate.
  • 06.03. This date is considered one of the most favorable for a visit to a beauty salon. You can do not only nails, but also the restoration of the skin of the hands after the winter cold. Do not refuse to use new cosmetics and innovative procedures – everything will be for the good.

  • From 13.03. to 15.03. The moon has entered its waning phase. Zodiac sign – Sagittarius. On any of the three declared days, you can manipulate the nails. The 13th is the best time to increase the length. And on the 14th and 15th, you will feel the desire for creativity and creativity in yourself.
  • 19.03. If you are thinking of making a trendy but sophisticated design, then your day is March 19th. The moon is still in its waning phase, but has moved into the sign of Aquarius. This is a quiet time when you can focus on important things. Therefore, a beautiful manicure will be provided to you.

  • From 24.03. to 25.03. The most favorable days for manicure at the end of March 2023. The night luminary is in the sign of Taurus, the phase is growing. Removal of corns and cuticles will be successful, the skin will recover quickly after that. The design can be made brighter – it will bring good luck.
  • 31.03. The last day of spring 2023 can also be devoted to a trip to the manicure master. Try changing the shape of your nails and length – positive changes will cheer you up and give you confidence. The Moon is in Leo, which is a creative sign. So you can decide to experiment.

March 7 – Full Moon. In general, this day can be devoted to nail care, but give up trimming manicure, as there is a chance of injury. It is better to use a soft nail file. Make a bath with oils, and then cover the nail plates with a firming top.

Unfavorable days for a visit to a manicure master: March 2023

Next, we list the days when it is better to refuse to manipulate the nails.

  • From 09.03. to 10.03. Give up cutting nails, extensions, bright nail art – all this will only bring disappointment. The moon is in the sign of Libra. The main thing that is important these days is harmony. Achieve it by striving for naturalness.

  • 12.03. The night star has moved into the sign of Scorpio. The phase is decreasing. On this day, even nail baths are contraindicated. The extension procedure will also go wrong if you decide on it. The maximum that is possible is to cover the nails with a nude top.
  • 17.03. The moon is located in Capricorn and continues to decrease as before. There is less and less energy, so complex manipulations with nails should definitely be abandoned. Cuticle removal is contraindicated. The length of the plate can be adjusted with a nail file.
  • 20.03. The day before the New Moon is considered the most inappropriate for manicure and pedicure. Whatever you think, everything will not go according to plan. It is better to devote this time to communicating with loved ones, and take care of your nails at a more favorable time.

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March 21 – New Moon. On this day, it is worth giving up even the thought of visiting the master.

What other days can be distinguished in the manicure lunar calendar for March 2023

01.03. and 02.03. The first days of spring are generally considered suitable for self-care. But do not seek to make radical changes in your image. It is possible that they will disappoint you. It is better to choose a traditional design and standard care procedures.

07.03. The lunar calendar for March 2023 marks this day as relatively auspicious. On the eve of International Women’s Day, you can make a beautiful design, increase the length. But do not do anything with cuticles and calluses.

From 26.03. to 27.03. The night luminary is in the sign of Gemini and the growing phase. Astrologers recommend these days to provide hands with easy care. Creams, massage will be good. Choose a design that is simple, but elegant, easy to read.

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The rest of the month is considered neutral. A visit to the manicurist on those dates that are not included in the review is solely at the discretion of the lady.

March 2023 turned out to be quite generous for auspicious days. Manicure, made taking into account the recommendations of astrologers, will bring joy and positive changes in life.

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