Auspicious days for manicure in May 2023

May is one of the best months of the year. Bright, often summer-like warm, head-turning. He makes us finally wake up from hibernation and breathe life to the fullest. And this is also a great time to restore nails and skin of hands after frost, to try something new. Even if it’s a manicure. However, first you need to choose the right day for a visit to the master. Let’s take a look at the lunar calendar together to determine the favorable days for manicure for May 2023.

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When exactly is it worth signing up for a nail master in May 2023

The last month of spring 2023 will favor those who know how to resist emotions even in the most difficult situations. Do not make hasty decisions, always think with a clear head, weigh all the pros and cons. Only in this case you will succeed. And this applies to all spheres of life. Even a manicure is worth going with a clear understanding of what you want. At the very least, this will help avoid disappointment. And what days are considered the most favorable for a visit to the master, we will now list.

  • 01.05. The first day off is perfect for getting your nails done. You can experiment with the shape – the result will please you. And even if you make a manicure for short nails, it will turn out to be successful, it will last a long time. The moon is growing, located in the sign of the zodiac Virgo.
  • From 02.05. to 04.05. As many as three favorable days, ideal including for care procedures. Delight yourself with a bright finish or a brilliant design – they will become a source of good mood. But before that, carefully put your nails in order, remove the cuticles. The moon is waxing and is in the sign of Libra.
  • From 09.05. to 10.05. A small May vacation is coming to an end, so it’s time to prepare your nails for working days. Make a beautiful pastel manicure so that it literally envelops you with its tenderness. Floral motifs will look good on a light background. The Moon is waning in Capricorn.
  • 12.05. Pamper your hands with nourishing baths, beneficial body wraps and masks. Strengthen your nails with special means, from this they will exfoliate less and grow faster. In general, any nail care on this day will be for the benefit and benefit. The moon is still waning, located in the sign of Aquarius.
  • From 25.05. to 26.05. Perhaps the most favorable days for a manicure in May 2023. Any, even the most extravagant design, if you suddenly want to make it, will turn out to be successful. The sign of the zodiac – Leo – will approve any innovations and creative endeavors. Feel free to experiment! The moon has entered its growth phase.
  • From 27.05. to 29.05. Summer is the perfect time for manicures and pedicures. Focus on brightness, catchiness and creativity. Choose trendy shades to draw attention to yourself. Nail art made on this day will bring positive changes in life. The moon is waxing and is in the sign of Virgo.

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May 5 – Full Moon. A rather controversial day, which, however, does not prohibit simple manipulations with nails. A great solution would be to make a nude manicure or cover the plates with a transparent top. But it is better to refuse to work with cuticles.

Unfavorable days for a visit to the nail master in May 2023

It would not be superfluous to find out the days when a visit to a nail salon should be postponed. There are few such days in May this year. We list them all so that you can plan your schedule in advance.

  • 06.05. The first day after the Full Moon is better to devote to the simplest, non-decision-making matters. The risk of making a mistake is too great. This also applies to manicure. Poorly chosen design, length, color or shape can be disappointing. The moon is waning, located in Scorpio.
  • From 13.05. to 14.05. The lunar calendar also marks these days as unfavorable for a visit to a beauty salon. Edged manicure is contraindicated. Be careful with skin care products, especially those that you have never tried before. There is a high chance of an allergy. The Moon is waning in the sign of Pisces.
  • From 20.05. to 21.05. Not the most favorable days for a manicure in May 2023 for women. Lack of energy will lead to the fact that the master simply will not be able to bring your idea to life. Disappointment and frustration will be provided. The moon has entered the growth phase, located in the sign of Gemini.
  • 24.05. The maximum that you can decide on is easy care. Moisten the skin of the hands with cream, file the nails with a soft nail file to adjust the shape. Everything else is taboo. The design, if you choose to do so, will fail. Extension is contraindicated. The phase of the moon is growing. The sign is Cancer.

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May 19 – New Moon. Not a good day for a visit to the salon. Even the simplest manipulations with nails are contraindicated. Including it is necessary to refuse them at home. Dedicate your free time to your family.

We studied the lunar calendar for May 2023 to talk about favorable and unfavorable days for manicure. Follow the recommendations of astrologers listed in the review in order to receive only benefit from the procedures.

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