Auspicious days for manicure in November 2020

The lunar manicure calendar for November 2020 will allow you to determine the most favorable days for restoring the beauty of your pens. After all, a real fashionista always tries to look well-groomed and stylish. And astrologers make sure that the chosen date for going to the salon does not have a negative impact on the result of the procedure.

Lunar calendar for november 2020

Astrologers believe that the phase of the moon, as well as what zodiac sign it is in, has a significant impact on the person as a whole. Which, in turn, is reflected in the final result of any undertakings, deeds, and even on a trip to a beauty salon.

Choosing a good day to go to the salon, you need to build on the ultimate goal. So, for wellness treatments, nourishing baths and firming coverage, there are many suitable days. But for bold experiments with nail art or serious nail treatment, you will have to carefully study the lunar calendar in order to choose the right date.

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Next, we will study in detail every day of November 2020 and determine the most suitable for manicure.

Waning phase

  • 11.2020 – the day will pass under the sign of Taurus, so you do not need to do too catchy and spectacular manicure, it is better to postpone bright experiments for a more suitable period. Also, do not greatly shorten the nail plate. If you want your nails to grow better, during the waning moon it is better not to cut them at all.
  • 11.2020 – if you want to restore beauty, focus on restorative procedures – masks and nourishing baths will come in handy. Since the Earth’s satellite is still in its waning phase, the nails during this period grow more slowly than usual. On this day, nail extension procedures are shown. You can also strengthen the nail plate with gel polish, so you can save its length and protect it from brittleness. Manicure will retain its attractiveness for a long time.

  • 11.2020 – circle this day in the calendar in red so as not to accidentally make an appointment with the master. The period of the reign of Gemini begins, which means that any manicure is strictly prohibited. On this day, any attempts to make a manicure will not be successful.
  • 11.2020 – light nourishing treatments are allowed, for example, hand massage, mask. You can also take the time to remove warts, corns, as there is a high probability that they will not appear again. But it is better not to engage in pointing the beauty of marigolds on this day.

  • 11.2020 – the period of the reign of Cancer begins. During this period, nail cutting is contraindicated, as this procedure can lead to brittleness and delamination of the nail plate. Also, do not experiment with nail art, you will not like drastic changes in appearance.
  • 11.2020 – it is better to refuse trimming and filing nails, because later it will be difficult to return their length. It is better to carry out procedures aimed at accelerating the growth of nails. You can also prepare your nails for beautiful nail art – heal the cuticle, rub in nourishing oil.

  • 11.2020 – the day will pass under the control of Leo, and this sign encourages any experiments – experiment with the shape or try a new shade. However, experiments should be in moderation, it is better to stop at the usual manicure.
  • 11.2020 – Try decorating nails, but keep them discreet and done in nude shades. Also, the day will be favorable for the healing of nails and skin of the hands – treat yourself to baths, vitamin masks and massages. In general, the day is among the favorable for manicure in November 2020 and is suitable for a new discreet nail art.

  • 11.2020 – Leo is still patronizing, which means that any creative experiments are shown. Fashionistas can experiment with nail shapes or try new color combinations. However, in manicure it is better to refuse to use overly catchy decor with rhinestones, since there is a high probability that they will quickly disappear.
  • 11.2020 – the night luminary is in Virgo, which means that it is better to devote this period to medical procedures, for example, to remove calluses, warts, and foci of inflammation. The skin will become soft and beautiful, and the nails will gain strength and health. Don’t cut your nails too short. In general, a day is suitable for going to the salon and changing the appearance of nails.
  • 11.2020 – on this day you can build up your nails, experiment with their decoration and design, create a truly stylish and fashionable nail art. Any experiments will please with an attractive result. Also, astrologers recommend not to postpone medical procedures, they will also give a positive result.

  • 11.2020 – the day will pass under the auspices of Libra. You should not choose too bright shades when painting nails, the best choice is pastel and neutral colors, as well as a minimal amount of design. If you really need a manicure, go to a trusted specialist.
  • 11.2020 is one of the best days of the month for wellness treatments. Treat your hands with nourishing oil, cuticles with special oil, massage, cover your nails with a special vitamin varnish. Also, a good result can be obtained by removing warts and corns.
  • 11.2020 – the day will pass under the sign of Scorpio. Give up water procedures, for example, you should not do firming baths. Also, do not resort to cardinal changes in the decor, the result is unlikely to satisfy you.

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growth phase

  • 11.2020 – the Earth’s satellite is in Sagittarius. You should not limit yourself in choosing a design, because during this period it is allowed to do anything with nails. The zodiac patron will approve any experiments in design and care. As for the care procedures, you should not deal with the cuticle, since such manipulations will be at least useless on the growing moon.
  • 11.2020 – the day will pass under the sign of Sagittarius, so you can experiment with the procedures, going beyond the usual. For example, make a bright manicure. In addition, bold and extraordinary decisions will help attract positive lunar energy. In general, this is one of the most favorable days for a manicure in November 2020.
  • 11.2020 – the night luminary is in Capricorn. Any manipulations with the beauty of nails are allowed. Do not deny yourself shortening the length, coloring, building up – any procedure will give a positive result.

  • 11.2020 – any manipulations for healing are shown. You can try new wellness treatments. It is better to refuse nail extensions, as such a procedure can harm the nails.
  • 11.2020 – The moon is in Aquarius, which means that going to the master will bring health and attractiveness to your nails. Also, do not forget about the improvement of nails. If you want to refresh your manicure, feel free to get rid of the extra length, the nails will quickly grow back.
  • 11.2020 – any manipulation of the nails will be favorable. You can, for example, make trendy nail art. And don’t forget about…

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