Auspicious days for manicure in November 2022

The moon is a very unusual object that not only beautifully illuminates the night sky, but also affects the lives of people on Earth. From time immemorial, astrologers have been helping ordinary people to understand the lunar cycles, and what they conceal in themselves. Often, even the most influential representatives of this world listened to their advice and continue to listen. Astrology also helps in everyday life. For example, she can indicate good dates for a visit to a beauty salon in the last month of autumn. So, today we call the most favorable days for a manicure in November 2022 for women.

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The best days to go to the manicure master: November-2022

There are relatively many suitable days when various nail care manipulations are allowed in November. If you need to make a complex creative design, radically change the shape and length of the nails, perform cuticle removal or skin restoration, choose the dates that we will list below in this section. With a high probability, everything will go well.

In general terms, November 2022 is expected to be a controversial month. Astrologers promise a series of serious trials for many. The lunar eclipse, which is expected on the 8th, will bring a little dissonance into our lives. That is why it is so important to take care of yourself and your loved ones in the last month of autumn. Settle for anything that lifts your spirits. This will help you get through the difficult times.

  • 01.11. and 02.11. In a new month with a new manicure – let this be the motto of the first days of November. Decide on any experiments with design, try new items, change the length – everything will be good. The growing Moon, located in the sign of Aquarius, will be supportive of your whims.
  • 06.11. The night luminary continues to remain in the growing phase and has passed into the sign of Aries. Holiday on the calendar. And this is a great opportunity to visit the master in order to slowly make that manicure that you have been dreaming of for a long time. Choose original nail art and just enjoy the moment.
  • 25.11. The most favorable days for manicure are expected at the end of November. They will also finalize the fall as a whole. The moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and again moved into the growth phase, which is good for experimenting with the shape and length of the nails. If something does not work out, do not worry – they will quickly grow back.
  • 26.11. and 27.11. The best time to prepare your hands for the coming winter. Moisturize the skin, make vitamin baths for nails, masks and body wraps. They will go for good. On the same days, you can change the autumn nail design to the winter one and try a new fashionable palette.
  • 28.11. and 29.11. From Capricorn, the growing Moon passes into Aquarius. And again, this sign gives complete carte blanche for the fulfillment of any nail desires. Get a manicure you’ve never done before or add more sparkle to your design. Yes, the New Year is still far away, but it is already relevant.

According to the lunar calendar, all the most favorable days for manicure for November 2022 fell on the growing phase. This is good news for those ladies who love long nails, because they will grow back quickly.

bad days

As in any other month, they are also available in November. Let’s talk about these dates in more detail, so that every fashionista who decides to visit the salon on the indicated dates knows what to avoid.

  • 10.11. and 11.11. The moon has entered a waning phase and settled in the sign of Gemini. These days, it is worth giving up extensions, creating a catchy design, and generally any experiments. Maximum – easy care in the salon or at home. Masks can be nourishing, but without serious impact.
  • 12.11. and 13.11. A series of unfavorable days continues. The night luminary has passed into the sign of Cancer. On these dates, cutting nails, removing cuticles and generally working with sharp instruments are contraindicated. Only mild hand skin care is allowed.
  • 14.11. In November, all unfavorable days were concentrated in the middle of the month. And this is convenient. Just move on to other things. On the 14th, the Moon is still in Cancer, which means no experimenting with length. If there is a need to cover the nails with varnish, choose nude.

A priori, the most unfavorable dates for going to the nail master will be November 8 and 24: Full Moon and New Moon.

What other days can be called favorable for manicure in November 2022

Let’s list some dates that astrologers also advise paying attention to? They are also favorable, but with a few caveats.

07.11. You can make beautiful nails on the last day of the growing phase before the Full Moon. But, don’t be too eager for drastic changes. Give preference to the familiar, time-tested design.

15.11. and 16.11. But Leo, who is prone to creativity, on the contrary, will favor those who want to bring something new into their image. Therefore, you can get creative with the design. Also, these two days are suitable for wellness procedures.

From 17.11. to 19.11. As many as three days favorable according to the lunar calendar for nail art. And even though the phase of the moon is waning, the sign of Virgo is of great importance here. He patronizes fashionistas who want to emphasize their femininity and natural beauty. But it is better to refuse bright shades in manicure and pedicure.

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The rest of the days not named in the review are considered neutral.

The lunar calendar for November 2022 pleased me with a large number of days suitable for going to a beauty salon. No fashionista will be left without a beautiful manicure at the end of autumn.

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