Auspicious days for manicure in October 2020

The lunar manicure calendar for October 2020 will allow fashionistas to determine the most favorable days for visiting the salon. Interestingly, in the second autumn month there will be two full moons at once, which makes this period quite difficult and unstable. On such days, you need to be especially attentive to your physical and emotional health, carefully consider any actions and decisions. From the article you will find out on which days in October it is best to make an appointment with a manicure master in order to enjoy the result and not harm your health.

October manicure calendar 2020

Astrologers say that the outcome of any manicure procedure is influenced not only by the skill of your nail art master, but also by the phase in which the Moon is located, as well as the sign of the Zodiac, under which the day passes. Next, we will take a closer look at the lunar calendar for October and determine the days that will be best suited for manicure procedures.

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Moon in its growth phase

Number 1 – this day is not suitable for undertakings, especially important and revolutionary ones. This is due to the unstable energy background, as well as the proximity of the Full Moon. Therefore, on this day it is better to avoid visiting a nail salon, because the risk of health problems is high.

The 17th is a day ruled by Scorpio. This day is great for any undertakings, especially those that are made not for profit, but for the soul. So you can make a cute manicure.

18th – this day must be devoted to active work, trying to complete as many things as possible. Save up energy and do not forget that before you say something, you should think carefully. Keep calm and your manicure will certainly succeed.

19th – activity and initiative are encouraged. The day is ruled by Sagittarius, so it is suitable for a manicure. However, preference should be given to a classic or familiar design for a fashionista, without bold experiments. Otherwise, health problems are not ruled out.

The 20th is a good day for setting up a marafet. A manicure made on this day will delight you with the result. For a good mood and better health, pay attention to your loved ones and friends.

21st – any nail art idea will be successful, the success of a manicure made on this day is guaranteed. Also, these lunar days should be devoted to strengthening family relationships, go with your soulmate for a romantic walk – a new manicure will come in handy.

The 22nd is a financially successful day. If you manage to make a profit, be sure to set aside a small amount to treat yourself to a new nail art.

The 23rd is a day that is not very suitable for visiting the salon, but if you still decide, then try to rationally and judiciously spend finances.

The 24th is the Moon in Aquarius, which means that this is one of the most favorable days in October 2020 for bold experiments with manicure and creating bright nail art. Building and catchy autumn decor is what you need. Also, do not forget to pay enough attention to work and solving important issues.

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25th – take care of your health. Measure the pressure, visit a family doctor, sign up for tests. Bringing outward beauty, do not forget about inner health.

26th – these and the next lunar day will be under the control of Pisces. Devote a day to self-education and planning for the future. Study the fashion trends of manicure, read the literature, think over the design, plan a trip to the master.

The 27th is a period ideal for reconciliation and forgiveness, improving relationships with family and friends. Guiding a marafet is also not prohibited, so sign up with your trusted master to eliminate the risk of getting a low-quality manicure.

28th – Earth satellite in Aries. Dedicate it to leisurely walks, shopping, you can also look into a nail salon, but do not do anything new.

29th – on this day, there is a high probability of new acquaintances, which in the future will have a positive impact. Therefore, visiting the salon on this day, go to a new master, perhaps you will have a new girlfriend.

30th – on this day it is better to stay at home and spend it in peace and quiet. You should not communicate with a large number of people and experiment with appearance.

Moon in its waning phase

3rd – the day will be ruled by Aries, so it will be filled with joy and fun. The period is ideal for visiting the salon and pointing beauty. Treat yourself to a beautiful design.

4th day – the patron of the day Taurus – a neutral period for manicure. However, nail art will look as attractive and stylish as possible if a fashionista goes to the salon with a firm belief that she will succeed, and any undertakings will bring satisfaction.

Number 5 – pamper yourself with care procedures. Toward evening, visit a manicurist, do a peeling, a nourishing hand bath, cover your nails with vitamin enamel.

6th day – patron of the day – Gemini. Try to bring your creative ideas to life, for example, experiment with stylish design using bold modern techniques.

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The 7th day is one of the most favorable days for a manicure in October 2020. However, astrologers recommend abandoning the trimming technique for beauty pens, give preference to the hardware one.

The 8th is also a great day for hand care. If you sign up for a manicure on this day, your nails will become stronger and grow better.

9th – Cancer influences the outcome of affairs. On this day, you need to beware of unnecessary spending. Therefore, before starting the procedures, negotiate the cost with the master, and also pay immediately, do not ask for anything in debt.

Number 10 – this day is great for bold experiments with appearance and manicure as well. Try something new and interesting, something that you could not decide on for a long time. However, do not cut your nails on this day, such a procedure can cause health problems.

The 11th is the Moon in Leo, which means that a great period has come for bold experiments with appearance. Make a bright and catchy manicure that will surprise others, and pamper your hands with wellness treatments.

The 12th is a good day to start interesting projects. Don’t miss the chance to do something new and interesting. The same goes for nails, try not to repeat the previous design, but try something more unusual.

The 13th is a day ruled by Virgo. You can pamper yourself with trimmed manicures, nourishing baths, hand care procedures. The ideal solution is to carry out all these procedures at home.

14th – stay at home, if you signed up for a master, then transfer the manicure to another day. Today you should not go to the salon, and also cut your nails, otherwise, they will be long…

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